MEMBER: leathermanmx’s Sign Off

MEMBER: leathermanmx’s Sign Off

from Recon News

01 October 2016

We've got to know a Mexican leatherman in London – leathermanmx – over the past few weeks. Here's his final thoughts on his time in the spotlight:

'What my experience has been like? Well, it's been good fun and cool to get some attention. I'm not really an attention seeker, in fact, I tend to be a bit shy when meeting new guys, particularly cute ones, so being a featured on Recon has helped in that sense. As I said before, I met one of my best mates on RECON, we even live and travel to leather/fetish parties together. So it's not only about hooking up, there are really nice guys out there and who knows, I might even meet Mr Leathermanmx. (Give me a shout if you're reading this).

As for what's coming up, I just want to have fun, really. I love making new like-minded mates and hanging out with the ones I already have. I've been asked a few times if I'd ever take part in any Mr. Leather contests, but I'm not sure to be honest. But then again, as my nan used to say, 'nunca digas de esa agua no he de beber' (Never say never). Wise nan, I know. lol! '

A wise nan, indeed! Thanks leathermanmx.
Be sure to go check him out now!

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