MEMBER: PupNoen Tells us about his fetish

MEMBER: PupNoen Tells us about his fetish

from Recon News

25 January 2017

Recon: Tell us about your fetish tastes

PupNoen: What is nice with Puppy Play is that you can adapt it with many other fetishes, depending on if you're an obedient pup or not! Spanking sessions, eat food or drink piss in a dog bowl, bondage… or just have a nap in the basket! But my fetishes that have really evolved since I began are rubber, chastity, and everything around sneakers and feet play.

R: Tell us about how you got into fetish

Noen: Everything started when I was a teenager, without really knowing why, I enjoyed doing self-bondage in my bed, playing around with the main use of some objects/clothes.
Then when I was a bit older, I got a computer in my bedroom, and by browsing the web my fetish interests became worse! My interest about puppy play started when, for the first time, I saw a video with someone wearing a but plug tail! I found it really aesthetically pleasing, so I bought my first pup toys. I was also happy to share my experiences and my fears with young kinksters on Tumblr (RIP PupNobley), it helped me a lot to jump into this world!

R: Tell us what you enjoy about being a pup

Noen: I particularly like being on all fours at my Master's feet, feel his control over me and the feeling that I'm totally owned. It is both humiliating and very satisfying.
Being a pup is also about being someone else - you turn on the pup mode and you just let go. In real life I'm a shy human, but as a pup I am playful and cheeky!
I like to make my Master proud of his pup, so I try to always look hot and sexy! That's why I enjoy to work on the aesthetic of my gear, by doing a lot of different combinations.
I'm really proud to be part of the international pup community, everybody is very welcoming!

R: Tell us what the fetish scene is like in Paris

Noen: In Paris, there's lot of social gatherings, here the "Apéro" (social drinks) is really important to start a good evening. There's two bars - Café Cox and La Mine - where we particularly like to go with friends to chat and have a drink around Greg, the boss. There's lots of shops, organizations (the "ASMF" is the main one, they organize – among others events – the Mr Leather France election) and gay sex clubs… everything keeps the fetish life here very filled!

The main fetish gathering here is "Paris Fetish" (May 11-14th), year after year this event is growing, becoming an unavoidable event in Europe! I wish to see you all at the social drinks and at the main party "Bruthal" on Saturday night!

R: Tell us about your favourite piece of gear and why it's your favourite

Noen: As long as there's some yellow colour in it… Nah just kidding.
Maybe it will surprise you all, but my favorite gear is my chain collar! It means a lot to me. I've got it since my Master and I met, it is padlocked with my dog tag. I'm really proud to wear it daily, I feel naked without it!

As second piece of gear I like the most, I would choose my Pup hood! It's funny that people recognize me when I'm wearing it, but as human I am more "anonymous".

R: Tell us what you're curious to try

Noen: I'm still young, fortunately there's lot of things left to try! I would say heavy bondage, suspension bondage, vacc-bed… I like the idea of being totally under the control of somebody, without any escape until he's freed me. But I particularly want to improve myself in watersports, chastity and sexual performances.

R: Tell us what you use Recon for

Noen: I met my Master thanks to Recon! Now that I'm owned, I use it to message my friends, but also cruise and make new connections when we travel!

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