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05 March 2019

Get to know AndrewDarkson, the organiser of Mr Leather Netherlands

What are your fetishes?

My fetishes are Leather, rubber and BDSM

How did you get into fetish and kink?

Well the fetish for leather I developed during my youth. My parents owned a store where they sold leather goods, clothing and horse riding products. The smell of leather, the feeling of it and the looks when somebody was wearing it, specially worn by men, was something that gave me a special feeling. A feeling I kept to myself, for it was a very private feeling. A feeling I connected later in life with my sexual needs. It was in my late twenties that I discovered BDSM. A friend took me to a leather/sex party, where I saw all my fantasies/desires being performed live by hot guys dressed in leather and rubber. From that moment it took me some years to really actively experience the BDSM scene. I call myself lucky working in the fetish scene as a shop manager at the Mister B flagship store in Amsterdam, helping other people by selling and advising them to explore and expand their fetish life, and through them discovering more around fetish and kink.

How would you describe the fetish scene in Amsterdam to someone who's never been?

The fetish scene in Amsterdam is diverse and open minded, as you would expect in a city like Amsterdam. Every fetish has their own scene/groups/organizations. These separate parts in the fetish scene are more and more working together, which makes the scene more interesting. You can see that in the shops, clubs and at the parties organized in Amsterdam. We are not there yet, but with new people getting more involved, bringing new ideas and cooperation, it is becoming a lively scene.

What is your favorite part of organizing Mr Leather Netherlands?

I have two favorite parts; getting to know the candidates - their drive to participate - and the election itself, giving the candidates there moment to shine, to perform, to feel safe.

What characteristics make a good Mr Leather Netherlands?

Mr. Leather Netherlands has a powerful personality, is social and involved, a genuine leather/fetish man who knows the scene and knows its history. He has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve with the title and is able to look beyond the already paved paths. Wearing the title Mr. Leather Netherlands means not only being present at parties and making nice pictures, there is an actual task to fulfil.

What do you go for in a guy?

If we talk about looks, his eyes and smile.
If it is about his personality, he has to be able to know my needs without me telling him, has to have humor, challenging me and is very sexual.

Describe some of the best encounters you've had through Recon

I had a few, but the best one is the one than that is still going on. I met this guy almost 3 years ago. We started chatting here on Recon. I was drawn by his looks, long hair, full leather and cigar. Our chats did not involve any sex, for me that was something new and refreshing. After weeks of chatting we met and he invited me for a drink, still nothing about sex. At one point he asked me to go on the floor, on my knees and lick his boots, I was never so exited and nervous at once. That was the start of our 'relation', he introduced me to a world, the world of BDSM, I did not physically explore until that moment. Now almost 3 years later I am allowed to call him Sir and he made me accept and enjoy my needs and embrace the sub/boy in me.

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