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15 March 2017

Username: BLUF619
Age: 36
Primary Interest: Leather
Location: Seattle, USA

What are your fetishes?

Apart from gear, like a lot of men, I love a man with fur on his chest, a killer beard, and an awesome man scent. But I guess that's generic.

Breath control and exchange are pretty fucking hot! I enjoy my pits being eaten out as I lay pipe, but who am I kidding, I love them eaten anytime, lol. Of course, I love a hot pit in my face whenever possible with its lasting aroma on my beard.

I enjoy sensory deprivation and overload. Taking away the senses of a subject, leaving them blind, deaf and dumb (so to speak) makes every experience that follows a surprise. It raises anxiety, and then as I apply sources of stimulation, the subject is left reacting without thought, only experiencing what is happening in a pure instinctive and involuntarily sense. Having the subject restrained in various positions leaves them unable to recoil, eventually "breaking" with an enormous endorphin release. This is something I too enjoy having done to me. Besides, the after care is so much more rewarding.

Flogging is another one of my favorites as a Dom and sub. However, spanking is not for me as a sub.

Electro play and sounding are a fun time as well, and at some point I must combine them lol.

Recently I've been getting into fisting as a bottom. It's always been an interest of mine, and I definitely want to be a fisting top, but I have this belief that I should learn as a sub before I do as a Dom. Thankfully, Master isn't selfish and allows me a long leash =)

As a leather man, I tend to follow the more traditional appearance and protocols (probably because of my military background) but I don't want to be a clone of past generations, so I do put a spin on it. Basically, I don't adhere to guard lore, but do adapt it to fit me.

My partner is a rubber boy at heart, and because he's a ginger I didn't have much of a choice about getting into rubber, lol. And since I'm on the road 70% of the year, it was a no brainer to take up rubber since it's so travel friendly.

What are your favourite types of play?

I'm a switch when it comes to play. Mostly I tend to sub for older, or taller, or bigger framed men, and Dom, for younger, shorter or slender framed men. I'm one of those guys that it's difficult to alter my headspace from, what I think are, my predefined ideas about dominance and submission. If there is some similarity between me and the other guy(s), it's much easier for me to flip roles.

There is one thing about me that is universal: I enjoy discipline. Doesn't matter if I'm on the top or bottom bunk. I'm definitely a sadist, and for men that I trust, I can be a masochist. As a Dom, I use S&M as an element during a discipline scene. I enjoy the very same applied to me as a sub. It's my view that once the trust is established, you can truly let go and push the very limits of yourself. It's amazing to discover what you can endure when you positively associate every aspect of the experience. In the end, you truly discover a power you never realized you had.

What do you go for in a guy?

It really depends on my headspace and who I'm interacting with. I have to say that my military background definitely influences what I pursue in other men. Stoic men draw me towards them. It's the quiet power they tend to have that draws out the interests of my submissive side. This kind of man, for me, tends to be calm, cool and collected and isn't easily swayed by the goings on around him. He's mature in mind and spirit and offers guidance and a sense of safety. These are key aspects that I try to emulate for myself.

When looking for subs, I enjoy their youthful exuberance, and sassiness. As we interact, my stoic side blends with their eagerness and makes for great yin & yang dynamic. In the end, we tend to build deeper relationships, that open doors for more intense play.

This might all sound like I'm a big cheeseball, but the charm and character play a key part in what I find attractive in a man. When it comes to physical attributes, I like men of many types and ages, but I've got to have the charm, otherwise, sexually, it's going nowhere.

Describe the best encounter you had through Recon.

Recon has allowed me to make many first introductions with a lot of men who I've become friends with, either leading to a sexual encounter or building lasting friendships that sometimes have a lasting sexual component. However, I don't think I have ever used Recon with the intent to set up a scene. What mostly happens is getting to know and trust building, which I think are truly important to fully let go; to test one's physical and mental limits with another person. Funnily enough, it turns out almost every single man I have played with as a Dom or sub knew my Master one way or the other, lol. Apparently, the world is pretty fucking small. Occasionally, I get hit up by a pig that wants to buy a jock of mine, and I'm always happy to oblige #oink.

On a big side note, I met my partner, TightRubber11, through Recon. We lived in different cities at the time and he found a photo he'd seen of me through Tumblr on my Recon profile and decided to say hello. It wasn't until a couple of months later that he spotted me at Mister S Leather during Dore Ally in 2014 and did what gingers do, steal souls, and stole mine. We've been going at it since.

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