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04 July 2019

Describe yourself in one sentence.

Not your average kinkster.

What are your fetishes?

I have quite a few fetishes and some I haven't even tried yet. Rubber, Leather, Boots, Sneakers, Socks, Bondage, WS, Toys, electro, hoods …and the list goes on. I'm always down to try new things.

How did you get into fetish and kink?

I've definitely always been into fetish and kink my whole life looking back. It started small; I was into guys wearing white sport socks, then football socks, kit, sportswear in general. I tried on a mate's biking leathers and then knew that was a thing instantly. Rubber didn't happen immediately, I just thought I was into leather, boots and sports. Obviously, I kept it to myself as well, which was a killer as it turned me on so much.

I came across some obscure website (I can't remember the name). It was all rubber pics of guys in hoods, bondage, full coverage, and I remember getting so excited about it. It got me hornier than I've ever been in my life. I started finding out more about it and then came across Recon where I finally got to meet people into the same things and learn more about all the different kinds of kink. I've made some good pals here who have shown me the scene and expanded my interests completely. I think the best part about it is there's so much stuff to try, and your interests always change, so I never know what I will end up trying next.

So far, I've only got to try bondage, WS, outdoors and various role play, but there's so much more I wants to try. Finding the time is hard!

What do you love about rubber?

I love how it fits, I love how it suits literally anyone with any body shape and the confidence it gives you. It turns me on so much to look at, feel, smell and be wearing while having fun with a guy.

What do you go for in a guy?

I like a guy who knows his kinks and isn't afraid to show them off - even discreetly day to day. I'm drawn to guys who are confident in themselves and definitely don't take themselves too seriously either. Kind of like me; I love kink and try to keep it going through my normal life, wearing sneakers I find hot, or stealth rubber and so on.

I'm definitely not a fuck and go kinda guy. I like to know who I'm playing with and know their limits and what they're about. There's no point in finding out last minute you're not compatible.

Describe the best encounter you've had through Recon

Hmmm, my top one (so far), I was in Berlin for a weekend with one of my mates and managed to meet a lad on Recon who wasn't too far from where we were staying. We went for a drink and got on really well. We hit all the same interest points and I decided to go back to his, and I was not disappointed.

He was a full top so there was no switching this time, (I like to Dom sometimes). He had some spare rubber I got to wear, a full catsuit and hood. He plugged me and put me in a sleep sack…a really, really tight one. Next thing I know the plug is an electro one and my prostate is going 90. I remember just moaning so much he ended up gagging me with one of his white socks and taping it.

He left me like that for a while then started working my nips (my nips are like electrodes right to my cock) I remember having the hardest orgasm I ever had my whole body just tensed so much and I screamed into that sock so hard.

He left me there for another 40 mins while teasing my cock more and enjoying watching me suffer.

It was the best time I've had; the connection was right, I was taken by pleasant surprise and it was just so, so hot.

A lot of the things I want to try involve a lot of heavy dungeon material but this was simple and fun. We've kept in touch too which is always a bonus.

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