MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: johnnyrubber

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: johnnyrubber

from Recon News

23 May 2019

Describe yourself in one sentence

Hi, I'm a kinky down-to-earth guy from Switzerland with a love for languages, cooking and photography.

What are your fetishes?

My username might already give away that I'm a huge rubber aficionado, but I also have a love for Dom/sub relationships, mostly as a sub, as well as bondage.

I fantasize a lot about Teacher/student, Guard/prisoner, Doctor/patient, Officer/criminal or Boss/employee roleplay scenarios and the uniforms and suits tied to them.

Lately, I've started to develop an interest in edging, chastity and sensory deprivation. Giving a Dom more control over if and when I get to cum as well as which of my senses are "switched on" during a session really turns me on.

As I've recently got a membership at the gym, I realized I was struggling to keep myself from perving on some of the ripped & sweaty guys in the locker room in sports gear and that has somehow activated an interest in sports gear as well, though I've never had a play session in it, as of yet.

There is something about having outdoor sex, especially in the woods or on a beach that really makes me hard when thinking about it. I think it's not having the safety and comfort of a bedroom plus the danger and potential embarrassment of someone unrelated spotting the guy(s) and me. I'd also love to get tied to a tree while in rubber and then fucked hard by a Dom sometime.

How did you get into fetish and kink?

My first experiences with fetish were when I started jacking off to guys wearing wetsuits. I didn't even know that I was gay at the time, it just felt like the most natural thing to do when I got hard.

As a horny teenager, I'd spend hours at a time looking at pictures and videos of surfers and divers on my laptop. Initially, I even thought latex was "too shiny".

It became clear soon that I wasn't doing what the other guys in my class were doing, so, for a long time, I felt a lot of shame for my sexual preferences. Coming to terms with the fact that I was interested in men wasn't that easy for me to begin with, so being into fetish on top of that was a lot for 13-year-old me.

Luckily, seeing other people living out the fetish lives of their dreams gave me the courage to eventually open up about my kinks and dive into the scene. I've had a profile on Recon before this one, as a lurker, but now I'm here to stay ;)!

What do you love about rubber?

I love that rubber gives away a guy's physique without showing skin (unless we're talking transparent rubber which I'm starting to warm up to as well :P!). I love the smell of it and how smooth it feels to the touch. When wearing it, I also feel more confident. I have a lot of insecurities, but when I gear up, it feels like they can't get through to me, through that protective extra layer of skin. Somewhere inside me, there is also the desire to be a toy/play thing for a Dom to use, which I think is closely linked to my rubber fetish (because latex somewhat objectifies its wearer). Lastly, as somewhat of an environmentally conscious person, I like that latex is a natural and vegan material ;)!

What do you go for in a guy?

I often find myself attracted to other introverted people. If someone is rather quiet in social situations but a monster in bed, chances are high that I'm crushing on them, hard!

People who are somewhat peculiar, not just in a fetish way, entice me a lot. Interesting eye colors, freckles, ethnic/cultural backgrounds, you name it. I'm a weirdo, so if you're one too, I'm sure we'll get along! (Disclaimer: that doesn't mean that I don't crush on cisgender Caucasian guys sometimes :P!)

Sex is really one of the greatest things on earth, but I value interesting conversations about politics, philosophy and science just as much. I have to say that I'm not very good at small talk, starting an actual conversation about a topic that interests you enables me to form a connection with you much more easily.

As a video game and TV show enthusiast, I love combining kinky sessions with gaming/Netflix marathons, so if you're into that too and live in my area, what are you waiting for, why are you not in my DMs yet?

Describe the best encounter you've had through Recon

Comparing them feels a little unfair, but I've had a lot of really nice experiences so far that were kicked off by a chat message on Recon. But off the top of my head, it was really great to bump into lycraboy774 at my first fetish event, Darklands at Leather and Fetish Pride Belgium 2019. He's a real gentleman!

Other than that, I really enjoyed getting to know ObsidianOtter and showing him around town - and he's a beast in bed, if I dare say so :P!

Honestly, I've never had a genuinely bad encounter through Recon!

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