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02 June 2017

Username: ZacRubber
Age: 24
Primary Interests: Gunge, Rubber
Location: Rome, Italy

What are your fetishes?

My fetishes are Rubber and WAM (wet and messy).

What do you love about gunge play?

With gunge play, I love to be humiliated. Having another guy cover me with thick slime while I am wearing good clothes makes me so horny! I love this kind of humiliation. I love the sensation of the slime on my clothes and body. It's something amazing that every fetish man should try! I feel so comfortable and I can play covered in slime for hours. Sometimes I even go to sleep full of slime. My favourite outfit it's a polo shirt, tight jeans, nice shoes and a wrist watch, because to me a man isn't a real men without a big wrist watch (yeah, you could say that's another one of my fetishes haha).

Why does rubber gear make you happy?

My fetish for rubber started about 3-4 years ago, but just this year I've bought my first rubber outfit and more is coming in a few weeks! Since I got my rubber gear I've started to wear rubber almost every day in my house. I feel so sexy in it and I love to be horny the whole day. I don't know what I love more: the sensation of rubber on my skin or the way I shine when I wear it.

What is the fetish scene like in Rome?

The fetish scene in Rome is not so good. I mean, there are not so many rubbermen and when it comes to wammers [guys into gunge], it's even worse. But I'm sure there are wammers and rubbermen here...they just have to find courage to show off!

What are you looking for on Recon?

I hope to meet more friends that are into gunge and rubber, because I think it's fun to share it with people that understand it and who make feel "normal".

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