MOREPIXX: Gay International Fetish Photo Competition

MOREPIXX: Gay International Fetish Photo Competition

from Recon News

29 April 2021

Over the past years, Recon has been a proud sponsor of the MOREPIXX gay international fetish photo competition.

2021 sees the fifth edition of the photography competition move online, due to the restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

Even though the organisers aren't able to host a live event this year, more than 120 amazing photos have been submitted. A distinct jury has now preselected 15 artworks for the final, and this is your chance to vote on the best gay fetish photo for the 2021 competition.

Go to the link below and select 2 of your favourites. Make sure that you fill in the form and press "VOTE".

In May 2021, the winner that you have chosen will be announced. Voting closes 30th April, so be sure to get your choice in now.