MOREPIXX - International gay fetish photo competition

MOREPIXX - International gay fetish photo competition

from Recon News

26 January 2020

Here at Recon we're big fans of seeing fetish and kink in works of art – especially in photography – that's why we're proud to sponsor again the MOREPIXX International gay fetish photo competition, taking place at Darklands 2020.

MOREPIXX – which takes its name from the regularly asked question on gay apps - is a competition that's open to all professional and non-professional photographers. Organiser Taco D Smit tells us that the inspiration for the competition came from a similar event that was held by Leather Friends Italy, that sadly no longer takes place. After he won that competition twice, he felt that it would be great to keep running such a platform for other fetish photographers.

When it comes to fetish as the subject of a photograph, Taco says 'I think a lot of fetish is in the feeling, seeing and smelling. Images can inspire people and take them on a journey. Very often a viewer makes his own story about what he sees in the picture.' He believes that fetish photography can be evocative and inspiring, and we fully agree.

The finalist images will be displayed at Darklands from 4 – 9 March, during Darklands Festival, Antwerp. You can see the nominated images now using the link below, and vote for your two favourite photographers. The winners of the different prizes will be announced on Sunday 8 March.

After the exhibition in Antwerp (March 2020), the nominated pictures will also be exhibited in Amsterdam Gay Pride (August 2020) and Berlin Folsom (September 2020) and possibly in London, Atlanta or Chicago

Use the below link to see the full list of photographers and their images and to vote for your favourites, then be sure to check out the Darklands exhibition in person!
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Have fun voting and may the best photos win!