NEW FEATURE: You can now select multiple interests

NEW FEATURE: You can now select multiple interests

from Recon News

22 March 2017

Loving Leather doesn't mean you can't enjoy Rubber. Masters & Slaves can like Boots and Sports Gear too. Maybe you're a Tattooed & Pierced Skinhead who's into Bondage, Muscles, Hoods & Masks.

We all have a variety of fetish and kink tastes, and for some it's been hard to select just one as a Primary Interest. Well, we're happy to announce this is no longer an issue. As of now, you can choose to have multiple interests on Recon!

As you might have seen from the prompt in the Home feed, you can now select up to five interests that reflect your tastes. This means you'll be given more direct access to the men who share your love for a variety of fetishes and kinks. If you choose to add yourself to additional Interests you'll appear in a Search based on these interests, so, for example, if you were to add Pups & Handlers, and someone searched for this, you'd show up for them to find.

Choosing to have more than one interest is entirely up to you. If you're happy staying with just one, that's great, but if you do want to have more, use the link below to take you to the new Interests page and start painting a fuller a picture of what you're into.