One week to go: A beginner’s guide to Fetish Week

One week to go: A beginner’s guide to Fetish Week

from Recon Events

04 July 2016

Fetish Week London is one of the largest and filthiest fetish and kink events in the world. It attracts men from all round the globe, including plenty of first timers. If you've never been, here's our beginner's guide to FWL and what to expect next week.

What is FWL2016?

FWL2016 is a celebration of gay male fetish, with dozens of parties, screenings, exhibitions, masterclasses and other activities going on across the capital. Its aim is to show the world what the London fetish scene has to offer and to give you a kinky week to remember.

What to see and do

A wide range of parties and events are taking place every day from 10 -17 July; here's a taste of what's to come:

Fetish Week Screening, 11 July, 7pm: Taking place at the Soho Hotel we'll be screening two films: 'Interior, Leather Bar' and 'Chemsex'. Join us for drinks before and afterwards.

Bondage Masterclass, 12 July: Head to The Backstreet for an informative and kinky lesson in all things rope and bondage, led by top experts.

Best in Show, 13 July: We're thrilled to host our first official pup event at Fire in Vauxhall, where pups can play to their heart's content and compete in our puppy contest.

Fetish on Display, 13 – 17 July: This exhibition at the Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch focuses on fetish in art, showcasing work from a range of exciting artists, plus a live show. You'll have the opportunity to meet the artists and buy artwork.

Sports Cruise, 14 July: See and be seen in your sporting gear at The Hoist in Vauxhall. We're open to all sports, including wrestling, American Football, boxing and rugby.

Full Fetish, 16 July: This is the main event, Recon's filthy fetish party at The Coronet in Elephant and Castle. With music from international DJs, dance, cruise and our many, darkened and well-equipped play areas. There's something for all preferences, so everyone will be able to indulge and satisfy their fetish tastes. Not to be missed!

Deconstruction, 17 July: The official FWL2016 closing party, held at The Hoist. The only way to finish Fetish Week, go large or go home!

You'll also find activities taking place in many other fetish clubs and shops across London (many offering ticket holders some nice discounts) during the week. More information on these and the events mentioned above can be found in our full FWL2016 Guide.

Who's going to be there?

FWL attracts countless, enthusiastic fetish fans from all over the globe. Guys with experience in fetish ranging from newbies to Masters. It's open to any gay or bi man who might have the slightest curiosity or who has been at it for years.

Look out for some of Recon's featured members and the 'FWL men' – five fetish models who you won't want to miss.

Dress code

All of the official FWL2016 parties and events prescribe a strict dress code. For the main fetishes, guys should wear rubber, leather, skinhead, pup, uniform or sports gear.
If you're looking to get some new gear, or start your collection, head to the Recon Store.

How to buy tickets

You can get tickets online from, or by using the links below. There are a few options available: you can purchase tickets to certain events separately – such as the Full Fetish VIP, which will give you access to separate VIP facilities and great perks – or, if you're a Recon member, you could have the opportunity to buy an online-exclusive AAA VIP Pass*, which will get you in to every event, allow you to queue-jump and you'll also receive a special VIP goodie bag

Tickets can also be purchased through some of the FWL2016 partners: Expectations, Regulation, Prowler Soho, Clone Zone Soho, 50 & Dean and Fetish Freak.

Getting around

It's London, so public transport is the best option. If you're from out of town, then we'd recommend buying a 7-Day anytime Travelcard - they're available to cover all zones; 1-6 includes route to Heathrow and London City Airport, plus you can use them on the buses. It's the easiest way to travel in the city. You might need to jump in a Black Cab after hours, so keep some cash handy in your civvies or bag. Or there's always Uber.

Where to stay

If you haven't booked any accommodation, then our advice is to get a move on, as rooms are becoming hard to find in London during FWL2016. Of course, there are hundreds of hotel, B&B and guesthouse options across the capital but for convenience and perhaps to encounter other FWL2016 attendees, consider narrowing your search to our venue areas. These are Vauxhall, Elephant & Castle, Mile End, Soho and Shoreditch – or somewhere in between.

Fetish Week London 2016 has been planned with you in mind; designed to bring the community together for good times and to throw off inhibitions – whether you want some culture or plenty of kinky play, all we really want is for you to have an obscene amount of fun.

*AAA VIP Pass is available till Friday 8 July 2016