Paris FULL FETISH Event. Photos and Recap.

Paris FULL FETISH Event. Photos and  Recap.

from Recon News

13 March 2013

Our last Full Fetish event in Paris was unfortunately not up to our normal Recon standards and I would like to take a moment to both apologize and explain what happened. Firstly, I want to THANK all of you who came out that night. Your support truly means everything to us. We had many obstacles to deal with that night - we made some mistakes and also had to deal with problems that were simply out of our control

As you might remember in the past, we held our events at a smaller bar in the Marais. The parties were very busy and members wrote in that the venue was too small and suggested we move somewhere larger. With their help, we found the space at Caves St Sabin (a much larger space). It was really great that so many people wanted to come out to the new space and have a good fetish party, what we didn’t realise was that so many people would actually come out all at once. Advance ticket sales were low, so we didn’t anticipate that so many people would be buying on the door and turning up at the same time. We weren’t prepared to deal with long queues – it made a huge problem – and for this I apologise.

There are other reason which were completely out of our control. Please allow me to try and explain:

1) Long queues - the Caves St Sabin didn’t organise the number of people at the coat check that we had asked for and the 2 people helping were clearly not enough. This meant that people could not get in quickly.

2) Caves St Sabin was not prepared for the amount of people and the management told us we had to stop letting people in. This, of course, kept other people outside for much longer than we would have liked. It was very unfortunate that some people were turned away.

3) We had an agreement with the manager at Caves St Sabin about how they would run the coat check and also about the prices at the bar. What they did on Saturday night was not what they discussed with us. We wanted to make sure that our members would come out and have a good time, without feeling like they had been ripped off. It was completely shameful for them to charge €5 per item for the coat check and €10 for drinks. This is something we had NO CONTROL over and we apologise.

I would have been absolutely upset if I went to a party and this happened to me. The manager at Caves St Sabin gave us no apology for what happened, which is unfortunate. We are definitely going to be discussing this with him. It means that we will have to think very strongly about where we will be doing our next Paris event. If anyone has suggestions for a different venue PLEASE let us know! We’ve had a lot of experiences in organising events over the years and, while we don’t always get everything right, we try to learn from each new experience.

Although we had to turn many people down at the door, many of you dealt with the obstacles, were able to get in and tried to make the most of the evening. We thank you again for your patience. We managed to get some photos and figured we would share them.

As always THANK YOU for your support! Apologies might not exactly make up for the experience you had that night, but you can be absolutely certain that we will make every effort to make sure that our next Paris event does NOT happen like this. It will be bigger and better and live up to the standard that we know Recon members expect.

Events Manager