Part one of our interview with Featured Member Duncan84

Part one of our interview with Featured Member Duncan84

from Recon News

20 November 2015

As you might have seen from some of his pics and videos we've been posting, despite being an introvert, Featured Member Duncan84 isn't all that shy when it comes to his fetish. Here's the first part of his interview:

Recon: Hi Duncan84. How you doing?

Duncan84: Hey hey, I am really good Thanks. Enjoying some quiet days, after my last trip to London.
I love travelling, but it's always a busy time, so I enjoy being home, recharging my batteries and getting my gym routine back in order.

R: How you enjoying being Featured Member so far?

D84: It is totally amazing! The response from the guys on Recon has been overwhelming, and I can't thank all the sexy guys enough for their messages and their cruises! I try to respond to everyone, but if I have missed some, I'm truly sorry! Funny enough it's a lot of bottom guys who cruise, not that I mind, I just didn't expect that haha

R: Have you managed to arrange any play yet?

D84: Sadly, cuz of an all too busy start to November, it's been too little...but I will take my revenge!
Though I haven't been able to meet anyone yet, I have made some rather interesting dates that I am looking forward to! Among those is my trip to Antwerp for the Recon Party on November 28! Where I, of course, look forward to seeing a lot of the guys from Recon!

R: Is it difficult to meet guys into fetish and kink in Denmark?

D84: Well yes and no! You need to keep in mind, that Denmark is a very small country, and therefore also has a very small fetish community. But there are some incredible sexy guys here. Should it be difficult to meet through Recon, there is always the two fetish clubs, SLM (Scandinavian Leather Men) in Copenhagen and Valhalla in Aarhus, depending which end of the country you are. Here you are guaranteed a fun night.

R: It's good that you've got options.
How about where you live? Is there much of a fetish scene in your area?

D84: Where I live, there is absolutely nothing! Which is one of the reasons I travel a lot. I live in the middle of Denmark, on the island Fyn, and it has nearly no gay scene at all. So when I want to hook up for a sleazy fun session, it's unfortunately a bit of a journey.

R: So you have to travel further afield. Where do you like to go to for fetish men and kinky play?

D84: As I mentioned, I travel quite a lot. I favour London and Berlin here in Europe, as it is only a short travel. I must admit though, that the States is a blast! If it wasn't so damn far away, I'd be going a lot more. My trip to Folsom SF last year, including the Recon Folsom party, and was a highlight of 2014! But I find play everywhere I go, whether it's Germany, UK, Spain, Dubai, USA or Russia.

R: Could you describe one (or more) of your encounters there?

D84: In Berlin, I have had some fun experiences. The guys there are so horny and fuck amazing lol. This one couple invited me over, both tops, which I found pretty awesome, as you could imagine!
They opened the door when I arrived, wearing full Bluf and sunglasses. As I entered their home, I got restrained and masked (of course we'd talked about it before I came, but it was still thrilling)
and I, to date, cannot remember being used this much in a single night. There is something special about shutting down some of the senses, by either blinding, shutting off sound, or the ability to feel, that makes sex even more hot!

R: For sure. So, what would you say gets you hardest about a guy in gear? What gear turns you on the most?

D84: It's all about the guy! Some are hot in leather, some in Rubber or sportswear. It's all about how you wear it, and how confident you look in your gear, I find. I'll never forget these masculine muscled guys I saw at Hotwired London last year, wearing a Leather Kilt, harness and military boots, inked chest and well trimmed beard. They owned the place! So hot, I could wet my pants just thinking of them. So it is not really one particular type of gear, but more how you wear it.

R: How about yourself? What gear turns you on to wear?

D84: I feel most sexy wearing rubber. Without a doubt! Next on my 'to buy' list is deffo a full suit!
I always wanted one. I think it's the feeling to the skin and how it makes me look that really turns me on, and the fact that it goes well for a nice "shower". Rubber fits best to my body type. Whereas I feel awkward in most leather.

R: What are your favourite pieces of gear and why?

D84: Jockstraps. They are comfy, make my ass look great, and has easy access!

R: Which is VERY important!

[Continued in part 2]