Part one of our interview with our super hot Featured Member bearskin48

Part one of our interview with our super hot Featured Member bearskin48

from Recon News

14 May 2015

We caught up with bearskin48 to ask him a few questions about him and his fetish tastes. In this first part of the two part interview we chat about winning Mr Leather UK, his taste for leather and his favourite gear:
Recon: Hi bearskin48

Bearskin48: G'day mate.

R: How you doing?

B: I'm doing great thanks!

R: Glad to hear it!
How long have you been a Recon member?

B: I discovered Recon about 5 Years ago, and immediately became a member! It was a revelation to meet a global community of men with the same interests and perversions as myself, on one site!

R: Have you had any fun experiences you'd care to share?

B: Lol! Where do I start! Man, I've met some truly Hot and Twisted blokes on here! And made some very good buddies too. The very first couple I hooked up with were Smokin' Hot, I mean Really Fit! Both gym instructors and deeply into three way fisting sessions. Can't look at glove puppets in the same way anymore! Hehe. We're good friends and play to this day.

R: Hahaha
How does it feel to have won the title of Mr Leather UK?

B: Awesome! My feet haven't touched the ground since I won the title a month ago. Any one of the contestants could have won, some had travelled the length and breadth of the UK, and they were All excellent!

R: What made you decide to enter?

B: I was initially approached, while I was walking with the Leathermen of MSC, (Motor Sports Club), in the Pride London March 2014, and having spoken to several friends who'd won the MrLeatherUK title in the past, I was eventually persuaded to go in for it. I didn't think I had a ghost of a chance, but I thought it might be a fun experience. It's turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done!

R: Are you looking forward to IML? Have you been before?

B: This'll be my first time to IML, and I can't wait to get to Chicago! I've been chatting online with many of the competitors, and there are already a few wild parties planned!

R: Would you say there's a part of you that's a bit of an exhibitionist?

B: Hmmm. Let's just say, I've never been shy about getting my Kit off in public! The hard bit is getting me to keep it on....except for the Boots. Boots stay on! ;-)

R: Would you say leather was your number 1 type of gear?

B: Definitely! It goes far deeper than just an enjoyment of wearing it, it's a Passion. My older leathers fit me like a glove, it's like putting on a second skin. Getting geared up for a session, is like foreplay!

R: What is it about leather that turns you on?

B: The combination of warm Leather, Cigar Smoke and fresh Man Sweat drives me crazy! Get's me horned up in two seconds flat! Wufffff!

R: Can you remember when you first got a taste for it?

B: My first experience of wearing Leather, was when I was 21 and living on the Castro in San Francisco, with my first proper boyfriend, (an ex American Marine). He was a Leather Daddy and he introduced me to it. The first piece of gear I had, (earned), was a leather waistcoat, and I still have, when I think of the times I've had in that waistcoat!

R: I can only imagine!
Have you got any other favourite pieces of gear?

B: Apart from my first waistcoat, my favourite piece of gear, are a pair of Chaps. I love wearing them out, bare assed with a worn jock. They're infused with the aroma of motorcycle oil, lube, sweat, cigar smoke and Sex.

R: Hot!
How about a favourite piece of equipment?

B: That would be my sling, but I do also love my flogger! I've brought experienced Leathermen to their knees with it!

R: Atta boy!
[Continued next week]