Part two of our interview with bearskin48, this month’s Featured Member

Part two of our interview with bearskin48, this month’s Featured Member

from Recon News

21 May 2015

The second part of our interview where we talk about his fetish hot spots around the world, and the kind of kinky play that turns him on:

Recon: Where are you from?

B: I was Born in England, I sound Australian, (from my time spent in Sydney), and I'm proud of my Scottish heritage, so I often wear kilts in my clan tartan.

R: Yeah, I totally thought you were an Aussie!
When did you move to London?

B: I've spent time in Sydney, London, Paris and San Francisco, but I've lived in London, for a number of years now as this is where my man is.

R: How do you like London? Do you class it as your home now?

B: London is very much my home now. It's a great place to live. The size and diversity of the scene is huge. It's possible to be out at a different club, bar or venue every night of the week! And, it's perfectly placed to visit other cities in the UK, Europe and the US.

R: Do you get to travel much? Do you have any favourite fetish destinations?

B: I love checking out the Leather/BDSM scene in different countries, so I travel as much as possible. Folsom San Francisco of course. Lab-oratory in Berlin is a favourite of mine and the blokes there are Smokin' Hot! I've literally crawled out of Argos and Eagle, in Amsterdam!...Man they play Hard! And I try to get to Sleazy Madrid every year. Sydney's leather scene has really grown. I like the fact it's mixed which gives it a very different feel, and the BDSM shows at Inquisition 22 are Awesome!

R: Yeah, we were recently at SleazyMAdrid. Was so much fun! And Lab-oratory at Easter.
How would you say the London fetish scene compares to other places you've been to?

B: I love the scene here. I always look forward to Fetish Week London! It's always fresh and exciting, and everyone is really up for it. Hotwired is also one of my favourite events. The Hoist can be good, and later this year, I'm going to be working with Eagle London to create some really hot Leather nights.

R: Wow! That sounds amazing. We love Eagle London.
How long have you and your partner been together?

B: Hehe...First the Earth cooled, then the Dinosors came...A Bloody Long Time!!!

R: Haha Looking at your pictures you guys seem to have a lot of fun together. What would you say has helped you to have such a long relationship filled with kinky fun?

B: Wow! that's hard....Oh, that's the answer! ;-) I still think, even after all these years, he's the sexiest man on the Planet. I guess it's all about the Chemistry...and he smells So Damn Good! "It may look like a Man, but if it don't Smell like a Man, It Don't Count!

R: You're in an open relationship. Do you guys play together or just solo?

B: The open relationship works for us, because we keep to strict rules. We mostly play solo, and never at home, that's our personal space. I guess it's about respecting your partner, and we try never take each other for granted.

R: Yeah, totally. Good call.
When you are having some fun, what do you go for in a fetish guy?

B: Firstly, looks/age/size don't matter. Having said that, a beard, furry chest or red hair are Major turn on's. A lack of inhibition and a strong idea of his fetish identity are important, and also a willingness to fully explore his boundaries.

R: What would you say was a major kink turn on for you?

B: Making the sweat run down his body, pushing him hard to the limit of his endurance and watching his every muscle and tendon strain. Looking deep into his eyes as he shoots his load.

R: Fucking hot!
What're your favourite type of play?

B: Total commitment to the moment on both sides.

R: Yeah, agreed. That's so important.
And finally, is there anything you'd like to say to our members?

B: Live and Love as hard as you can. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Be honest about what you're looking for. Wear your Leathers with Pride and March with Dignity.

R: Thanks so much for being this month's Featured Member, and good luck at IML!

GB: Thanks! I'll do my best to make the UK Proud.