Part two of our interview with Featured Member Duncan84

Part two of our interview with Featured Member Duncan84

from Recon News

26 November 2015

In the first part of our interview Featured Member Duncan84 told us about his taste in gear, men and what it's like living in Denmark and being into fetish. In part two he shares some kinky tales and gives details on his favourite types of play:

Recon: So what do you get up to in your gear? Tell us about some of your hottest fetish adventures?

Duncan84: Starting my adventure into the world of fetish, these memories stand out as some of the most mind blowing, of course. Most new things do. I remember my first time going to SLM Club (Scandinavian Leather Men) in Copenhagen. I was invited by a guy I'd talked to on some gay website, who was behind the bar that afternoon. I was in Copenhagen that Sunday, and of course wearing a jockstrap, so I decided to pop by - even though I was alone. Didn't know what to expect, as I thought it was a regular gay bar. But oh boy was I in for a surprise haha! Once I got through the locked door I found myself staring at four guys banging each other in a train fuck, right in the middle of the bar. They did not giving a fuck who was looking or jerking off next to them! For a young introverted guy from a small town, that was pretty hot and from that point on I was hooked haha! Today I could be one of those guys. But at that time it was pretty fucked up!

In more recent times, and in a different part of the world, I attended a Big Muscle Party in San Francisco with my good friend JP. JP knew everybody, or so it seemed. We had a good time, JP enjoyed showing off my ass to his friends. And all of a sudden I find myself in a 5-way, as the guys, weren't only looking, they wanted to try as well! So here I was, surrounded by hot guys dancing and drinking, while I was busy with 5 guys and their cocks. Call me a slut, but that was a fucking hot adventure, and something to remember from that trip!

R: No doubt! That certainly sounds like a fond memory.
So clearly you like group fun. What other types of kinky play are you into and why?

D84: Rough fucks, ass play, Bondage, restraining, golden, roleplay and I'm experimenting with FF. As a vers bottom, Rough fucks and ass play, explains themselves right?! Love a nice hung top and I love playing with dildos - stretching my hole. Bondage, restraining, blindfold, gasmasks etc, as I earlier wrote, is super fascinating! I love how your mind and senses work in overdrive, and how you need to let go and just enjoy the moment, not knowing what will happen!
As for fisting, I've had ffantastic sessions, and horrible ones, so it's not something I do on a regular basis when I play. If the fister, doesn't have a clue of what he is doing, but is just forcing his hand in my ass, I get no excitement! Which, I guess, is also why I'm so hesitant when a guy I don't know, wants to fist me haha. For me sex and kinky play, needs to be a pleasure for all parts, not just the giving!

R: When would you say you got a taste for fetish?

D84: The real breakthrough, not considering my visit to SLM, was through some dear friends, total rubber pigs (meant in the most loving way), they geared me up in rubber and introduced me to the community. Since then, I have explored much fetish on my own. And even though I'm an introvert person, I am very curious when it comes to sex. Not afraid of trying new things, but I also know my limits.

R: Yeah, that's important. Would you say your tastes have changed much over the years?

D84: This is a funny question, cuz my friends would say yes! I always start by saying I'm never gonna do this or that. And a week later, I'm dying of curiosity to try it anyway. It is much in my nature.
So yes, it's gone from vanilla, to sport, to rubber, to anything fun basically. Will I evolve more, sure, limits are there to be broken. It's just a matter of time and how big or small steps I take.

R: If you could play with any guy in the world, who would you play with and what would you do?

D84: Oh that list is long. None mentioned, none forgotten. But he/they would use me good! Cuz I'm a thirsty guy and my ass needs attention lol

R: I'm sure!
What have you tried that you were surprised you were into?

D84: Watersports. I kinda tested it on myself at home, thinking what is all this fuss about piss! So I drank a lot of water, as I read I should, laid down on my bathroom floor, and pissed in my own mouth...and surprisingly got even harder by it. That's how it started.

R: Is there anything left that you would like to try? If so, what's the appeal?

D84: YES!! I really, really would love to try Kinbaku. I love, and some of the rope scenarios they display in their scenes, are a big fantasy of mine.

R: Well, I'm sure you'll get some offers now.
Would you like to give a shout out to any of your favourite Recon members?

D84: I know a lot of great guys on Recon, on the Danish side go give a cruise to: JIason, Updating and hotfuckers, and for some of the foreign guys check out: Dutchalphawolf, Iamsand, Bane and Lensman2012 - who has taken a lot of my fetish pictures!

R: If you'd like to say anything to the men of Recon – now's your chance to do so.

D84: Again thanks for all the Cruises and messages. It's great being part of such an amazing community, and if you are ever in Denmark, be sure to hit me up! And if you see me somewhere around the globe come say hi, I'm quite shy, so I'm not the one to start the conversation, but I never bite! Also big thanks to the Recon guys for giving me the opportunity to be a featured member! Such an honour and I can't thank you enough!

R: That's our pleasure. Thanks for being our November Featured Member!