PHOTOS: An incredible night at Full Fetish Madrid

PHOTOS: An incredible night at Full Fetish Madrid

from Recon News

11 December 2015

Full Fetish Madrid took place in the opening weekend of December, and it was one hell of a way to kick off the festive season! Taking place in amazing new venue, At Substation, we believe we've found our Spanish spiritual home.

If you've never been to Madrid, one of the first things you notice when walking the streets is the men. The insane number of hot Spanish men. Everywhere. It's almost too much to take. This was only intensified with the arrival of guys from across Europe ready to party for Winter Pridesh. And oh how they partied on Friday night at Full Fetish.

This was another occasion where the word 'Full' was definitely multipurpose. As this was an event in Spain, where nights start later the buildup of guys was steady for the first few hours, but by the time it got to around 2am the club was packed. And this is a large club. A large maze like club filled with nooks and crannies, rooms and equipment. All filled with guys all getting up to no good.

We stayed busy all the way through till 6am, with the last groups of men at play having to go around 7am. We kept getting approached by guys telling us about the brilliantly debauched time they'd had and everyone left the venue tired, happy and spent.

Due to the layout of the club, and the fact there was play going on everywhere we had to set up a photo stand in the corner of the dance floor. By the time it reached 2am it was too busy to get any more shots, so we put down the camera and just took it all in. Check out the link below to get a small taste of who was there.

Thanks to Kilker Alcaraz for hosting the party - looking hot as always in rubber. And a massive thank you to Toni and Manuel for arranging Winter Pridesh, and creating At Substation. This was an amazing occasion in an exciting new fetish venue and we can't wait to be back in Madrid in 2016.