Presenting Recon Issue_01

Presenting Recon Issue_01

from Recon News

25 October 2018

By Recon's Brand Director, ThatSandy

Over the last 18 years, Recon has been through many evolutions. From bringing all the different 'World Of…' fetish sites under one roof, to creating some of the biggest and best global events, launching apps, designing gear, being available in five different languages and even releasing a DVD!

I've been working at Recon for five years now and one of my favourite evolutions has been the sharing of stories and experiences of our members. No matter where I go, it's fascinating to hear what bonds us as a community and see the people behind the profiles that make up this wonderful world of fetish.

These voices have inspired me to take further steps in my own fetish journey. Starting out, gear wise, I was the boy in a harness and leather jock or a Lycra singlet. Taking inspiration from the members I met, I moved on to buying second hand motorcycle dungarees from Leathers in Berlin, and eventually discovering my love of rubber and sharing it on my personal social media. It also wasn't just gear. I was encouraged to try out plenty of new kinks… at least twice (you have to be sure ;P ).

The other voices that have inspired my journey are the key influencers whose creativity and points of view make fetish and kink an even more interesting place to be. The late, great Si Hands was there for me on WhatsApp when I started feeling brave enough to curate my gear aesthetic into something that I felt was inherently me. Sending him a picture to cast his eye over, then him replying back with support, is a reason I stand confident enough to represent Recon and engage with this awesome community.

On my travels, I've had the opportunity to meet so many kinky, queer and alternative influencers, whose voices have enriched me and everything I do with Recon. The team and I wanted to create another avenue to share their unique stories and experiences, their creativity and talents. To present other sides of fetish and kink that don't always get airtime on Recon. This is what Recon ISSUE_01 is all about.

I'm really proud to present Recon Issue_01: a collection of work from members, photographers, artists and illustrators; examining their experiences and addressing themes such as Daddy-pup relationships, body modification and diversity on the scene.

If you go to the Recon YouTube channel using the link below, you can see some of the videos related to the content in the zine, including some of my interviews with members. We'll be adding even more videos to this playlist over the coming weeks.

Be sure to reach out to the guys who've taken part in Recon Issue_01. Support and share the creativity within the scene. Be visible. Be free to be your version of fetish, and in turn you may inspire someone else to do the same.

Sandy Pianim
Brand Director

You can get your copy in the locations below, and it will be available digitally soon.

Amsterdam - Eagle Amsterdam, MisterB, Black Body

Antwerp - The Boots, MisterB

Barcelona - Boxer Barcelona, X-Boyz by Boxer, Addicted ES, Puntos Bar, La Chapelle Bar, Axel Hotel and Casa Nova Sauna

Berlin - Gear Berlin

Birmingham - CloneZone

Brighton - Prowler

Bristol - Prowler

Copenhagen – (to be distributed by Copenhagen Fetish Men creator)

Edinburgh – Q Store

Fahrdorf – Bizarre-Lifestyle

Hamburg - Mr Chaps

London - Regulation, Gear London, Prowler, Prowler RED, FETCH, Fetish Freak, CloneZone SOHO, CloneZone Earl's Court, Backstreet, Pleasuredome

Manchester - Manworx, CloneZone, The Eagle

Melbourne – Eagle Leather

Munich - Parus Leder

New York City – The Eagle, Nasty Pig

Palm Springs – Gear Leather

Paris - Full Métal, SecteurX, Krash Bar, Bunker, Entre 2 eaux, IDM Sauna, IEM Paris, Rob Paris, BMC Video, Impact Bar, La Mine, Le Dépôt, Sun City, Le Keller, Mec Zone, Mic Man, Boxxman, Rex, One Way, Mensch, Centre LGBT de Paris, Queztzal Bar, Les Mots à la Bouche, The Labo, Free DJ, Café Moustache, Gym Louvre, Bear's den, El Hombre, Dessous d'Apollon (Addicted), Gai Moulin, Tilt' sauna

San Francisco - Mr S Leather