PupZano’s Puppy FAQs

PupZano’s Puppy FAQs

from Recon News

11 February 2015

Since being the Face of January and a Featured Member, PupZano has been inundated with messages from guys asking about the pup scene and puppy play. Being the kind, helpful pup that he is, he's put together some Puppy FAQs for anyone curious.

Q: What is the difference between a Pup and a Slave?

A: Like a real dog, pups are treated like pets, not slaves. They are loved, cared for, and their respect earned by their owner. They are rewarded if obedient and scolded if not. It 's like the master/ slave dynamic only much softer and respectful to both parties.

Q: I want to introduce my partner to pup stuff, what's the easiest way to go about it?

A: It's easier if your attitude or sexual antics are pet-like already and if there is a dominant/ submissive dynamic. Apart from that I would show a partner cute/ hot pictures of pups and their handlers, the scenes are obvious and doesn't take much explaining. I think the pup description above is a good basis to work from.

Q: What do you think is the easiest way to start in the pup scene?

A: Well, if you're not on twitter set up a puppy profile and get chatting with some waggy folks! In my opinion it seems to be the most popular platform for puppies. Chatting on twitter opens up a world of events, parties and group outings that you could get in on. If you're the type to make friends easy I would say start off as a stray, go to some events, get to know some fellow pups and handlers while romping and while chatting over drinks. Being social with groups in this scene is so important, both in person and online.

Q: I want to explore the real world pup scene but I don't want my first kinky experiences to happen in a sex club. How did you meet like-minded guys?

A: If you want to just explore pup stuff casually I would suggest going to a pup night at a bar to begin with (I like Club Collared in London & Pound Puppy in SF ) There's no dress code, and people turn up in anything from jeans and t-shirt to full rubber.

Q: I'm shy and find it difficult to get on the floor to romp.

A: Start off as a handler! There's always pups who want attention, and this is a great way to get comfortable with the etiquette and make friends in the group. Also if you're not wearing a mask, try one on and see how you feel, some pups find it really empowering and playful.

Q: Where did you get your gear, and what do I need to get started?

A: I get my gear from from a mix of places: Mr.S, the Recon Store, Regulation, Clone Zone, Expectations, and some things I made myself. The important thing to remember is that there is no 'set gear' for pup play. You just need an open/ playful mindset and comfortable clothing/ underwear that you don't mind getting scuffed. Masks and tails are popular, but the rest of the gear can be anything from track pants, to piece-meal kink to full rubber!

Q: Is pup stuff only a sexual thing for you, or 24-7?

A: It's pretty much 50-50! For me it's an everyday attitude, in and out of gear that I have with most of my friends. I get in gear if I'm going to an event, party or play session. During a romp I can get into the care-free headspace quite easily and just enjoy myself. However pup stuff is also a big turn on and gets me really worked up in the bedroom.