READ: The "Gimp Man" of Essex

READ: The "Gimp Man" of Essex

from Recon News

08 October 2014

Have you seen the Gimp Man of Essex? This story was brought to our attention courtesy of the BBC of all places!

A rubber fetishist from Colchester is trying to change public opinion on fetish by walking the streets geared head to toe in this gimp suit shown above.

Every time someone posts a photo with him on his Facebook page he gives £1 to Colchester Mind – a local mental health charity. So far he's raised £375, which isn't too shabby. Especially when he's getting to do something he loves at the same time. What do you make of it all?

Check out the link to the BBC News to read more. Do you ever go out in public all geared up? Send us your fetish public pics and stories to