Recon Connections - GedSkinhead and DRYSUITEDSKIN

Recon Connections - GedSkinhead and DRYSUITEDSKIN

from Recon News

04 November 2014

We all know that Recon is a great site for hooking up with other fetish guys for fun and play, but it's always good to hear of other connections that are formed. Recon members GedSkinhead and DRYSUITEDSKIN contacted us to let us know their experience of Recon, and we thought we'd share it with our members. Here's what they told us.

"Recon is a great site to meet up with guys for some fun and damn good sex at times. I never thought that I would meet someone, fall in love and then end up married to him. But it happened and Recon played a big part in this.

We 'cruised' each other for a few years and then one day in early June 2010, Alan sent me a message on Recon asking if I'd meet. I said … "yes, 7pm, Monday night in Comptons". That was the 7th of June and on the 7th of June this year, exactly 4 years on, we got married at Islington Town Hall and I can't remember when I was so happy."

We all use Recon for different reasons, but I hope you agree with us that this is great news for GedSkinhead and DRYSUITEDSKIN, who potentially found something they never expected from Recon. Congratulations guys!

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