Recon Official Messages and added SPAM protection.

Recon Official Messages and added SPAM protection.

from Recon News

30 June 2009

We've added new security measures to help protect Recon members from SPAM, to help you identify official messages from Recon, and to report suspicious or offensive messages.

The "Recon Official Message" format has been designed to enable members to easily identify when a message centre message has been sent from the Recon Team. Genuine official messages from the Recon Team will display a red 'Recon Official Message' label in the message list and have a Recon logo background behind the message text.

We've also added a 'report member' button on all member originated messages. If you have received a message that you suspect may not be genuine – simply click the 'report member' button and our team will investigate and take any necessary action. Please do not reply to the sender and do not send any personal details.

If you're unsure or need further information on how to identify spam or fraudulent messages, click the help link in the message centre or at the top right of every page. There's some great information on identifying SPAM and some general tips on safer online dating and safer consensual play.

Obviously, we still urge all members to remain vigilant and to report any concerns to our Customer Support Team.

Philip and Andy