Recon @ The Boots was yet another hot fetish night in Antwerp

Recon @ The Boots was yet another hot fetish night in Antwerp

from Recon News

07 April 2015

Team Recon members always love going to our parties at The Boots, and this time was no different. Geert, the owner of the venue, and his staff like to put on incredible events, and always ensure a good time.

Antwerp is a really welcoming city, and we had a great day visiting bars, cafes and fetish shops during Saturday daytime. The staff at Toys 4 Boys and Mister B in particular were really friendly, and the Mister B guys came down to the party later on.

The party itself was really busy, and there were plenty of hot fetish guys to go around. You can see this from the photos that were taken…taken before we decided to put the camera down and have some fun ourselves!

It was great to see Mr Fetish Boots Belgium again, and DJ Rafa Nunes - who'll be DJing at the Full Fetish party at #FWL2015 - was also a surprise attendee. We chatted with a load of hot guys, and some of them might well be getting a stab at being Featured Member later in the year.

We left The Boots around 5am, very merry and fairly broken, and we can't wait to get back for our party in August for Antwerp Pride 2015!

If you have any tales from your night at The Boots that you'd like to share (the filthier the better), feel free to send them to: