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31 July 2023

If you're an Android user, you might already be aware that the Recon app is no longer available in the Google Play Store.

A few months ago, we were censored by Google:

"Apps whose primary purpose is featuring objectionable UGC will be removed from Google Play. Similarly, apps that end up being used primarily for hosting objectionable UGC, or that develop a reputation among users of being a place where such content thrives, will also be removed from Google Play."

From the example screenshots of UGC (User Generated Content) they sent to us, they were questioning members wearing chaps, harnesses, masks, a rubber gimp, showing a bare chest, etc. You get the drift. Their suggestion was that we not allow members to show these kinds of images on profiles and this was a compromise we were not prepared to make.

We appealed, lost, and have been banned, indefinitely, from the Google Play Store. This leaves our members who downloaded the app via Google Play, with a completely sanitised version of the app.

At some point in the near future, we will be forced to block the Google Play Store version of the Recon app. We're no longer able to release updates with current improvements that other members are benefiting from, and we don't want you to be stuck on that version of the app.

What should you do now?

It seems Twitter has picked up on what we've known for some time. X really does mark the spot.

Back in 2014, we launched Recon X, after an earlier ban from Google Play. This version of Recon allows users to experience the app, on the go, completely uncensored, showing adult photos, full profile details and images in event listings and galleries.

Thousands of Android users have already moved over to Recon X, and we encourage the rest of you to do the same before the Google Play version is completely switched off later this year.

*** Premium members on Android X can no longer update via the Google Play Store. Move over to Recon X and you can continue to upgrade via the main website***

Improve your Recon experience on android - uninstall the old Google version and download Recon X now!

Team Recon