REMINDER: See the men you want with Filtering

REMINDER: See the men you want with Filtering

from Recon News

14 May 2017

Filtering on Recon lets you tailor the member lists on our apps and our website so that they're more specific to your tastes, and you can find the men you're looking for.

You can access Filtering by clicking the Filtering button at the top of any member list. You can select the specific criteria you want to filter, then once switched on it will remain on across the different lists until you switch it off.

You can keep Filtering on so that you always see the men you want, or you can edit it to be even more specific to show the guys you're in the mood for in the moment.

Further updates to Filtering are planned for the future, but in the meantime, go check out this function now and start finding the men you need.