REMINDER: You can win big with the refer a friend prize draw

REMINDER: You can win big with the refer a friend prize draw

from Recon News

15 February 2018

In case you missed it, this is a friendly reminder that you and your friends stand the chance to win big in our current prize draw, with around £5,000 ($7,100 / €5,750) worth of Recon membership up for grabs!

We're offering this pool of premium memberships to be won, by inviting existing members to refer a friend to join Recon. If you have kinky or curious friends who have yet to create a profile, now's the time to get them involved!

Every time one of the friends you refer joins Recon, you and that friend will be entered as a joint entry into the prize draw, and the more of your friends who sign up, the more times you'll be entered. There's no limit on the number of times you can be entered, and each entry means you could win more and more prizes.

Here's a breakdown of what prizes are available:

24 one-year premium memberships (12 winning pairs)
40 six-month premium memberships (20 winning pairs)
60 three-month premium memberships (30 winning pairs)
140 one-month premium memberships (70 winning pairs)

You have until 25 February 2018 to get your friends to sign up, then we'll randomly draw winning pairs. Use the below link to find full Terms and Condition for draw and to receive your unique referral link.