REREAD: Fetish Problems #8: Park Fun Interrupted

REREAD: Fetish Problems #8: Park Fun Interrupted

from Recon News

10 November 2019

Further fetish mishaps from Team Recon

You've met a guy on Recon and you two have been having a whole lot of fun in your rubber gear.

You've been in his sling for a good few hours, and he's worked his way through his large assortment of ever increasing sized toys.

You're both thinking about changing the scene, and you both happen to enjoy a bit of outdoors fun.

The two of you pull on hoodies and joggers over your gear, and head out into the early hours. Your destination: the park near his apartment.

You're both in a slightly reckless mood, so there may be a fair amount of groping and tomfoolery on the darkened neighborhood streets. There doesn't seem to be anyone about, so it doesn't matter so much.

You get to the park, make sure no one is watching from the houses across the street and you scale the large gate which is kept locked at night. Not the easiest thing to do in restrictive rubber, but you make it to the other side.

You work your way around the park, getting up to mischief in various moonlit beauty spots.

After an hour or so of park play, the sling is calling you again, so you decide to head back to his.

You reach the gate and climb over first. The two of you on opposite sides.

Your reckless urges rear their head again. You lower the back of your joggers, unzip the rear on your rubber, and back up to the gate.

You're deep in suburbia and getting one hell of a thrill from this risky business. Right up until the point where a taxi full of drunk lads pulls up by you.

You quickly reach round and pull up the joggers as best as possible, then freeze. Trying your best to get swallowed by the shadows.

Your heart is racing as they stumble and shout just a few metres away from where you're pressed up.

As they shuffle towards the houses you start to feel yourself unclenching somewhat, and let out the breath you've held for the duration.

Your fellow deviant stirs on the other side of the fence. You slowly turn around and let out a laugh. The adrenaline has kicked in so you reach through the bars and grope and kiss each other.

You're getting into it again, and starting to reach for that zipper just as the first 241 bus of the day trundles slowly past. You're illuminated by the headlights, and you're aware that you're in clear view of the sleepy-eyed commuters making their way to the early shift.

As much as you enjoy putting on a show, it seems the world is waking up. You realise that it's perhaps best to hitch up your joggers and make your way back to the waiting sling.

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