REREAD: Member Spotlight - subDudeguy

REREAD: Member Spotlight - subDudeguy

from Recon News

19 April 2021

Describe yourself in one sentence

Intelligent, driven, and very kinky sub.

Tell us about your fetish tastes

My tastes are wide and varying but most, if not all, revolve around the Dom/sub dynamic and being put in a sub space. The ones that I enjoy most are bondage, power exchange, uniforms and gear, and strict protocol determined by a Sir/Dom. I've been trained by some really good Doms, who have been helping me to expanding my experience and love for long-term chastity, impact play – both for a Dom's entertainment and discipline - and watersports.

Tell us how you discovered your kinky side

When I was younger, I would fantasize about being tied up, degraded, and controlled by guys - but I didn't think this was something others were into too. It wasn't until I came across a magazine issue of 'Bound and Gagged' in a porn store, and realized that my fantasies of being tied up, controlled, and dominated was shared by others.

Tell us how you like to play

I truly see myself and identify as a sub, both in the real world and kink realms. So, when I'm with a Dom, I really adopt my identity, and for me, it's no longer "play". I like to frame the time spent with a Dom as being in captivity and in His custody. The more deep, heavy, and strict the "scene" is, the better. A well-equipped and stocked playroom is a great start. Gear and a formidable playroom are the physical and tangible implements that represent and further enhance the D/s dynamic.

Tell us what's your favourite piece of gear and why

A great restrictive hood, because it takes away a subs control and identity. My favorite that I've worn is the Heavy-Duty Hood from Mr. S Leather – it's on my wish list. Being hooded completely leaves me feeling helpless and dependent on my Dom's intervention. Add a gag and it's even better!

Describe the feelings of your subspace

Cathartic is the first word that comes to mind. I feel unfettered, liberated, and uninhibited (and of course horny AF) when I'm privileged enough to be in the control of a Dom. I can let go any anxiety of personal needs and expectations and focus on meeting the Dom's expectations and fulfilling His needs.

Tell us what makes a good Dom for you

Just as I identify authentically as a sub and can embrace the associated behaviors and mental space that comes with being a sub, I think good Doms, who I've served in the past, are able to do the same. I can tell when someone is naturally comfortable with assuming control of a sub. It's also really great if a Dom has a well-equipped playroom and can use the space and gear to his advantage, to further exercise control over me. Finally, I'd say that a lot of great Doms that I've served have qualities that I aspire to – whether its kink experience, fitness level, profession, or lifestyle.

How do you interpret the word 'control'

For me, the best example of "control" is surrendering and giving up my freedoms to the personal whims of a Dom – both mental and physically. Consensually giving up comforts, being kept in captivity and whatever state the Dom desires. Whether that's overnight in a cage in the basement, stripped of clothing and doing housework while he takes a phone call, being put on display during a party, or publicly being used as subject for flogging demos at a kinky gathering.

Tell us about one of your favourite fetish/kink experiences

Several years ago, I made the choice to lose weight and live healthier. At the time, I was frequently serving a Dom, with who I shared this personal goal with. He decided to help me by using long-term 24/7 chastity as a motivator. While the chastity was really motivating, it was his encouragement and support that really helped me to not only become a better sub, having been locked for 100+ days, but I ended up losing 40+ lbs. He continues to be a great Dom/mentor to me.

Lastly, tell us a kinky truth about yourself

I've always wanted to be permanently collared and in a committed 24/7 Dom/sub relationship, where I get the privilege to live my life in an authentic D/s dynamic.

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