REREAD: Own Your Power

REREAD: Own Your Power

from Recon News

31 March 2020

By BlueXCollarXCub

Being Transgender in Leather Spaces

I was on Scruff and Grindr before starting testosterone. I'm very fortunate that a natural masculine appearance and small chest allows me to move through men's spaces easily, whether it's through an online profile or a dark room corner.

I feel powerful taking my shirt off, under the glow of neon lights my chest protrudes just enough to draw him in and make him curious. He notices that I have supple nipples that are asking to be pinched and sucked. When you're pressed up against each other in a crowded space in the dark, hands wander. He feels up my torso and cups one of my tits, pinching hard. I know he knows. Men have a certain look in their eye when they know. Heavy bass music makes it feel more intense when my heart starts to race, and I wonder how far he wants to go before he's disappointed. He still plays with my nipple, examining my body, my face, speculating if he wants to go any farther, or if he's already bored. I place a hand on the small of his back, and as he places both hands on my chest, I bring him in a little closer, my other hand rubbing his furry belly and teasing his belt line. He's actually wearing a belt. I look him in the eye and tug on his buckle. He meets my eye. I extend my hand for my fingertips to lightly press on his bulge. He is hard. I feel his dick twitch as he takes one hand off my chest and presses it between my legs.

This is what I call "the moment of truth". I'm not packing. There's nothing separating him from my cunt but a zipper and jock strap. He realizes this now. He disapproves. He drops his hands, but not before he gets one last tit grab. He turns away from me and begins feeling up the man standing behind him.

I still feel powerful. I still feel powerful because I know I'm not the only one that experiences this. The other guy didn't get to undo that buckle either. Who knows who did? Some of us are too skinny, too fat, too trans, too old, too Black, not wearing the right harness and jockstrap combo… Any number of factors can cause these fleeting moments to end.

I stand tall with my shoulders back, tits up, feeling another man's sweat against my back. A pair of arms drape around my neck. It's a friend of mine. He has a bottle of poppers and lets me take a sniff. We sway to the music together. "You look so hot tonight, having fun?" He yells into my ear.

I do look hot tonight. I give my friend a smile and a nod. He returns the smile and lets his arms lazily fall off my shoulders. Just in time for another man to squeeze in next to me, and touch my chest...

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