REREAD: t1gerdude - A Splash of Paint

REREAD:  t1gerdude - A Splash of Paint

from Recon News

27 April 2021

t1gerdude shares his love of getting messy with paint

How did you get into it?

My interest in paint started at an early age. I always had a fascination with messy gameshows and watching contestants get gunged. I tried emulating them by getting messy with my school art supplies. As I got older, I found others like myself online. What they did inspired me and helped me explore this fetish further.

What do you use?

I like to get messy with either acrylic or metallic paint. I use student acrylics that are heavily pigmented and non-toxic. The metallic paint is actually a mix of metallic pigment and oil. I use coconut oil but others prefer baby oil.

Why do you enjoy paint?

My interest in paint comes from my love of the human form and transformations. The paint really brings out the curves and contours of the body, almost like what rubber does. It's mesmerising to watch paint flow over someone, washing over every detail of their body. There's also the transformative aspect; watching your skin change colour as well as the thick paint obscuring your features.

There's also the sensation of the paint. Acrylic is creamy and heavy. It feels cool and really focuses your attention onto your skin. The metallic paint on the other hand is thin and slippery. You feel like you're completely covered in lube.

What's it like to play with a guy covered in paint?

It's both fun and sexy. It's a really sensual experience because your hands can glide across his skin smoothly, feeling his body under the texture of the paint. The warmth of his body under the cool paint is such a nice contrast. Every squeeze and embrace feels like a massage. But it can be silly and funny at times too. I remember trying to have paint sex with a guy. We were about to do it doggy style, but we were sliding about with every move we made. Knees were slipping out from under us, hands couldn't find purchase for a thrust, and lining things up wasn't easy with the other guy slowly sliding away from you. We had a good laugh and swapped to a better position with me on my back.

What is the clean up like?

I usually play in my shower to make the clean up easy. The acrylic washes off with water, soap and some gentle rubbing to ease it off.

The metallic paint is a little trickier as it's an oil. I recommend putting down a painter's sheet before getting messy. Once done, use some paper towels to wipe off as much oil before stepping into the shower. Wash the oil off with soap and water. Bin the painter's sheet taking care not to spill the paint.

How would someone explore this fetish?

Buy some paint! Pour it over yourself! Get a friend to pour it over you! Smear it around, feel it on your skin and just enjoy the different colours and textures.

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