Share your fetish by being featured on Recon

Share your fetish by being featured on Recon

from Recon News

22 January 2019

It's the wide variety of fetish men from around the world that makes Recon so unique. Men from all walks of life, different races, shapes and sizes, all with their own individual take on fetish.

We love giving a platform to our members who have a deep passion for fetish and kink, so they can share their tastes and viewpoints. Whether in an article, an interview, a picture post or in video content, we love to show you guys off!

With the death of platforms like fetish Tumblr, we think it's more important than ever to create a space for our members to express themselves. As such, we're reaching out to see who's got interest in getting involved.

If you have article ideas or have interest in taking part in a written interview, if you're a fetish photographer or you create video content*, send us your ideas along with your Recon username to:

*Sadly, we're restricted in being able to show explicit content in the home feed, so photos and videos must be SFW, but once guys have discovered you, you can always let them know how to find your work that's a bit more NSFW ­čśë