Sort out your travel for Recon @ The Boots on 28th March 2015

Sort out your travel for Recon @ The Boots on 28th March 2015

from Recon News

25 February 2015

We've just over a month till the Recon boys return to Antwerp for Recon @ The Boots. We always love events at The Boots, as it's like no other venue around – six whole floors specifically constructed to cater to all your filthy needs.

If you've never been before, and you're in Europe, then you've really got no excuse not to attend! As The Boots is in Antwerp, its location makes it an easy and inexpensive journey by train or flight from all of Belgium's neighbouring countries, as well as the UK and other destinations further afield.

Antwerp is a great city, and well worth a visit in of itself. It's incredibly welcoming and liberal, and makes for a relaxed place to hang out before you move on to the sleazy night-time action at The Boots. There's plenty of hotels to choose from, as well as wonderful apartments available through AirBnB – handy if you want to bring back a group after the party…just maybe try not to get any stains on the upholstery.

Remember to also update your Travel Plans on Recon, so that guys will know you're attending, and you can sort out some action before your arrival!

It's been a long winter, with fetish events few and far between. It's time to get back to what we all love doing best, and set our sights on Recon @ The Boots!