Start your Full Fetish London evening at Counter, Vauxhall

Start your Full Fetish London evening at Counter, Vauxhall

from Recon News

23 December 2015

BackCOUNTER - COUNTER's little naughty brother, will be open on 27 December from 7pm to 11pm exclusively for Full Fetish London ticket holders.

They'll be serving food from their post-Christmas menu - so no more turkey - as well as their famous cocktails, such as the Vauxhall Sling or Pink Twink.

This will make for a perfect spot to meet up with your fetish friends before Full Fetish, eat or drink, and ease yourself into the evening. Then it's just a 30 second walk from the rear entrance to FIRE.

COUNTER hosted the 2015 London Fetish Week Dinner and all their staff are fetish friendly, so feel free to arrive in gear (no arse or cocks on show though, please).

Full Fetish VIP ticket holders will receive 10% discount off their bill.

To reserve a table, please select the link below or call 020 3693 9600, and mention Full Fetish or Recon.

Counter will also be opening early at 5am on Monday 28 December, so if you fancy grabbing a coffee and some light breakfast after the party, it'll be an ideal location.