Tales of the city – part one of our chat with Featured Member Djskype

Tales of the city – part one of our chat with Featured Member Djskype

from Recon News

10 September 2015

We interviewed Featured Member and San Francisco resident Djskype. In this first part of the interview he shares with us what it's like to be into fetish in the City by the Bay and some of his experiences of Folsom Street Fair.

Recon: Hi DjSkype! Where in the world can guys find you?

Djskype: I live in the great city of San Francisco.

R: Are you from there originally or did you move there?

D: I moved here. I've been here about 5 years from a small town called Placerville outside of Sacramento.

R: How does San Francisco compare to Placerville? Would you call San Francisco home now?

D: it's a huge difference. Placerville is where you go to retire in the middle of the forest and want peace and quiet and wildlife. I do call San Francisco home. Well, for now. I do see myself moving again but unsure where. I've just recently visited Europe again and I LOVE it there. The kink and fetish community is way more open and prominent there.

R: Was there much of a fetish scene back in Placerville?

D: There is no fetish scene in Placerville. They all come to San Francisco for it.

R: What do you love about San Francisco and the fetish scene?

D: I love San Francisco but I feel the fetish scene is not the biggest or not as big as it has been. Yeah you get some people who gear up and go out often but not many do unless it's a special event at a bar. I just got back from Berlin and THEY know what they are doing over there.

R: In Europe it's fair to say that a lot of people view San Francisco as one of the most liberal places in America. Would you say this was true? Do you think this is why it has such a visible fetish scene?

D: It is a very liberal city. It's great. I can walk down the street in full gear and people would not even bat an eye over it. People are so open and understanding here it's awesome. Being so liberal it lets us have great fetish weekends like Folsom Street Fair and Dore Alley Street Fair.

R: Are you going to Folsom this year? Is it like Christmas for guys over there?

D: I sure am going! I love gearing up and meeting all my friends from all over the world who visit for Folsom. It's like Christmas and your birthday wrapped into one. You get thousands of sexy men traveling to San Francisco all hot and geared up in heat ready for fun. It's great. You meet so many great new people each year and have a blast the whole weekend.

R: It sounds incredible. Can you describe it for anyone who might not have been before?

D: I think I just did in the question before lol. It's a street fair where they close off a few blocks and you can gear up and have a great time drinking and socializing out on the street. There are vendors from all over selling kink related goods and demonstration booths showing off bondage scenes or flogging scenes or even go and get spanked.

R: You had any past adventures there you'd like to share?

D: I've had so many great experiences over the years but to pick my favorite I'd say was when I met this hot muscled versatile couple who were visiting from London and I spent most of the weekend locked away in their hotel room getting little to no sleep. They rented a sling from Mr S. Leather for the weekend and we took turns in the sling all day long. From the time we got up to the time we went to bed. Was very hot. And the next day smelling each other on our beards at the Street Fair was the hottest.

R: What's the horniest thing you've ever witnessed at Folsom?

D: Folsom has become more tame in the recent years and there is no sex going on in the street much sadly, but it's hot looking up into the buildings and watching guys in the windows jacking off and shooting out the window.

R: Yeah, that is hot.
So how long have you been a Recon member for?

D: It's been about 5 years. Ever since seeing your booth at Folsom 5 years ago I knew I found a home with other kinksters like myself. I made an account that day and love it.

R: That's great. Have you met many guys through your profile?

D: Oh yeah. I've met guys I call great friends from your app and of course the casual hot hook up.

R: Any particularly filthy encounters you'd like to share?

D: My story from above with the hot muscled couple from London. I met them through Recon. We had very similar interests and met up at a bar and clicked well and had hot rough sweaty sex all weekend. I'm hard just thinking about it.

[Continues in Part 2]