TEAM RECON: Daniel discovers fetish

TEAM RECON: Daniel discovers fetish

from Recon News

10 March 2017

Daniel from the Recon Store talks about his introduction to fetish, his favourite piece of gear and how fetish modelling has expanded his outlook on life.

My introduction into the world of fetish came from a long-time friend and photographer. He called to discuss featuring me in a photoshoot. He stressed that I should check out the website of the company before accepting the project. At the time, I had no idea what or who Recon was.

My first impressions of Recon were that it was a niche market. Almost undercover. I never once contemplated 'fetish' as something I could identify myself with. The more opportunities I got to shoot for Recon the more my eyes were opened. It suddenly wasn't as secretive as I had perceived. I began to develop more of an understanding of the importance and meaning of fetish to those in the community. I admired the confidence I saw in guys wearing their gear. It seemed more about how you felt than how you looked. Almost like the gear personified its wearer. I'm a firm believer that clothing is a form of expression, and I admired these guys for taking on a persona. Becoming a character. I found it quite extraordinary.

One of the best attributes about modelling for Recon was getting the opportunity to wear a diverse range of clothing and gear; trying out different things that I'd never considered, but have come to enjoy the sensation of wearing.

One of my favourite pieces I've worn is the Perverted Rubber Catsuit. I love clothing that illustrates character and this piece oozes it. I completely relished the challenge of getting it on. It wasn't my first experience wearing rubber (as I had done in previous shoots), but it was very different. It's full body and has all the zips in the right places. It looks and feels amazing on. I've come to realise I like gear I can pair with different things. I've worn the catsuit with high tops, a hood, matching socks and harness, rubber boots. It's perfect for me, as it allows me to express my mood by being so versatile.

Looking back, I do feel a sense of evolution in my own fetish. The hesitance with shooting for Recon evolved to enjoying the different facets of fetish. I especially like that I can now differentiate myself from the character I adopt when I put on the gear – it's still me, but a different side of me. It feels great to ease into my catsuit and become a character for the evening.

Each person's experience is subjective to their own interpretation, and we all discover things about ourselves in different ways. This is how I discovered the "character" I can express through gear.

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