The Folsom Street Fair weekend is coming!

The Folsom Street Fair weekend is coming!

from Recon Events

02 September 2017

Every year in late September, Folsom Street Fair brings thousands of men from across the US and around the world to San Francisco for a weekend of kinky fun. It's the original Folsom, and it's always been one of Team Recon's favourite fetish events. Here's details on what's taking place.

On Friday 22 we're bringing Recon San Francisco to DNA Lounge! It's going to be the perfect opening party for the weekend's fun. It's a gear and fetish dance party where geared up guys can come meet and dance with the men they'll be getting to know all weekend. We'll also be handing out Recon giveaways, so be sure to get down early.

Saturday 23 sees the return of Magnitude, the official Saturday night party, and it's moving to a new, incredible venue - The Armory. This event is HUGE. With the best music, cutting-edge sound and light equipment, and a sea of 3,000 geared up leathermen, this is going to be a night to be remembered.

On Sunday 24 September it's the main event – Folsom Street Fair. Located on historic Folsom Street, leather and fetish players from all over the world converge. With over 220 exhibitor and vendor booths showcasing loads of gear, toys and play, it's a pig's dream, and an event like no other. Any guy into fetish and kink needs to sample Folsom at least once in their life.

We'll be setting up our booth in our usual spot outside Powerhouse. Come down and see us to chat about your fetish and Recon, as well as pick up some choice giveaways.

After the fair has drawn to a close, the fun doesn't stop. We'll be making our way to DEVIANTS: Adult Arcade at Mezzanine, which opens as soon as the fair ends at 6pm. A veritable explosion of freak décor and public perversion guarantees a sellout event.

While Team Recon is in town, we'll also be wanting to meet up with some of our members to chat and film interviews about their fetish lives, as well some other ideas we have up our sleeves. If you'd be interest in featuring in one of our videos, send us an email with your Recon username to:

Not long to go now till things gets underway. Select the links below for further information on the different parties, and get ready for one of the biggest and best fetish events that North America has to offer!