The photos of Full Fetish London

The photos of Full Fetish London

from Recon News

06 January 2015

At Full Fetish London we certainly started our year with a massive bang – surrounded by hot men and filth! Some of the Recon Boys are still having difficulty remembering their own names, but they have fixed grins on their faces, so we assume they had a good time.

Everyone managed to wipe away their New Year's hangovers and turned up decked out in their hottest gear, and boy were there some incredible sights to be seen! Plenty of usernames were exchanged, and wank banks were well and truly stocked with memories of the play we got up to!

We'll provide a more detailed rundown of the event at a later date (once our brains have started functioning properly again), but in the meantime, here's the photos from the night. Enjoy!