Two new Primary Interest groups added to Recon!

Two new Primary Interest groups added to Recon!

from Recon News

29 June 2015

Team Recon know that everyone's fetish tastes constantly evolve. We get introduced to new things, we get turned on unexpectedly or we find new ways to get ourselves off. It's part of Recon's job to reflect these changes. With this in mind, we're very happy to introduce two new interest categories!

For a while now there's been one interest group that's gone from strength to strength, and has become almost impossible to ignore. The rise of the Pups and Handlers is something we've watched with great pleasure, and it's been exciting to see this branch of fetish develop. Recon is now home to thousands of pups and handlers worldwide, and we felt it was about time we gave them their own interest category to make it easier for them to find each other!

We're pretty certain there'll be fair number of tails wagging on hearing this news!

The second category we're adding is something that has had one of the largest number or keyword searches on Recon. With this much interest, we felt that it would be foolish not to include it. So in addition to a Pups and Handlers category, we shall also be including one for Smokers.

Both categories are available for selection, so if you wish to change over you can do so now. Simply go to Account Settings then the Primary Interest section and make the change. The 30 day category change restriction will be reset, so the changeover is open to everyone, even if you changed recently.

If you're a Premium member you can check out the new categories before you change, and we would encourage you to do so, as the 30 day change restriction will be back in effect following a move to these groups. So go take a look and make sure this is the main interest group for you!

Recon's main aim is to help you master your fetish evolution, and we believe the addition of these new categories will help some of you to do so.