Use the ‘Favourites’ option for quick access to guys through Newsfeed

Use the ‘Favourites’ option for quick access to guys through Newsfeed

from Recon News

09 April 2016

Keep up-to-date with your friends and fetish favourites on the Recon site and apps with the Favourites section and through Newsfeed.

If you come across a guy you want to have quick access to, or want to reach friends without having to go through your messages or member lists, add them to your Favourites section.

Just select the 'Friend or Favourite' button below their profile pic, then select which one you want them to be: friends will receive a friend request; favourites will not be notified that you follow them.

With the introduction of Newsfeed, you'll get even greater access to the guys you're into. If a friend or favourite uploads new pictures, they'll appear in your Newsfeed, and you'll be able to click directly through to their profile. You'll also be notified of which Recon events they're attending, and you can easily click through to check the events out for yourself.

The more friends and favourites you add, the easier it is to connect with Recon and the fetish men you need.