from Recon News

19 May 2022

I'm not sure I know where to begin. The last time I wrote the "Welcome To Fetish Week London", we never actually got to welcome you. But hey, let's give this another shot.

At the start of 2020, I don't think any of us would have ever imagined that the COVID-19 pandemic would have had such a devastating effect on our lives. I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the dramatic loss of life around the world, and to especially acknowledge the loss of those we may have known personally – family, friends, and others in our community.

We don't often think about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the LGBTQ+ community. But we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. It's been nothing short of inspiring to see how fetish organisations (and individuals), right around the world, banded together, got creative and supported their local and international communities. Mental health support networks became crucial to so many. And others of us got creative with the introduction of virtual events – not just as a means of creating entertainment, but more importantly as a means of keeping us all connected to our friends and making more meaningful connections across the globe.

The Black Lives Matter movement created solidarity amongst different communities and reinvigorated the LGBTQIA+ community, bringing to the forefront, the debate on racism and discrimination, diversity, gender equality, inclusivity, Trans rights and gender identity.

I'm writing this now, at the start of March 2022 – in my new role as Brand Manager – but still producing events. The world begins to reopen, restrictions come down, we begin to travel again and many of the world's COVID mandates are being lifted. Venues reopen and events are back.

We announce plans for Fetish Week London 2022.

This year we extend the event by another day – as if we didn't already have too much to do. But I felt it was important that we take every opportunity to celebrate the return of fetish events and seeing our kinksters friends again.

Saturday 9 July we open Fetish Week London with a Recon event at FIRE. This gives you the choice of having 2 weekends to party. If you can't make it the second weekend, you can enjoy your fun a week early.

Sunday 10 July is the Recon Members' Party. This year the event moves to The Steel Yard (on the Embankment). There'll be music, games, open bar, prizes to be won and more. Remember, it's an "INVITE ONLY" event, so you'll have to apply. Drink slower, and my bar tab will last longer… hahaha

Monday 11 July is your day to hit the shops, if you haven't planned ahead, and get those pieces for the rest of the events throughout the week and the following weekend.

Tuesday 12 July the Recon Fetish Cabaret makes its Fetish Week London debut. We're happy that the RVT gives us a slot this week. It's a fun and social event with a combination of good comedy, drag, burlesque, cirque and acrobatic performers.

Wednesday 13 July the MASTERCLASS will still have stunning visual demos, but we are expanding on open discussion sessions and will cover topics like Real Clear Fetish and Real Clear Play; The Reality of Submission and we continue the conversation on gender – Where Fetish and Queer Intersect and the fetish of ABDL.

Thursday 14 July is the Sports Cruise Party. Of course, this is the sexiest party of Fetish Week, and it's probably my favourite. We welcome guys into all forms of sports kit: trackies, footie kit, lycra, superhero, scally, jocks harness and trainers, sneakers and socks, and more. You get the idea. Make it sporty and you'll fit right in. The crew at FIRE is bracing themselves for this one.

Friday 15 July the RUBBER GEAR party heads to Elektrowerkz in Angel. This is a fab venue and we're looking forward to seeing you geared up and to how you navigate this sexy space. Sponsored by REGULATION.

Saturday 16 July is the main event FULL FETISH. The old car park is no longer hosting these kinds of events, so we move to one of Queer East London's fav venues – Colour Factory. It's not the biggest London venue, but it certainly packs a punch. Get your tickets early because space here is limited. We've got an incredible line-up of DJs playing this event so be sure to wear your dancing shoes. Sponsored by Clonezone.

Sunday 17 July sees the introduction of a new event: CODE BLACK. I don't think we should end the week quietly. We should end it, how we started it – with an incredible party, sponsored by Twisted Beast. Saturday's venue isn't so big, so we're giving you another line-up of fab DJs, and another option for more room to party at FIRE on Sunday. DRESSCODE – OPEN TO ALL – JUST MAKE IT BLACK.

I know. I know. There's a lot to do here, so you'll have to think about just how much you want to party. Whatever you decide to do, keep it safe, sane, and consensual.

Most important for me… I will finally be able to welcome you to Fetish Week London.

Looking forward to seeing you in July

Events Producer / Brand Manager