Why I love our parties at The Boots

Why I love our parties at The Boots

from Recon News

19 November 2015

By Will Roberts

At the end of the month I'll be packing up my gear and heading over to Antwerp for our final Recon @ The Boots party of 2015, and I can say in all honesty that I can't wait. Allow me to explain my excitement.

The Boots has a special place in my heart for several reasons, but the defining reason has to be that it was the first fetish venue I ever went to. I'd been to parties and met up with guys via Recon, but I'd never been to a purpose built fetish venue before, and it blew my mind a little.

I was weirdly nervous before going as I didn't know what to expect. This was the first party I'd worked as a member of Team Recon and I wanted to make a good impression on my colleagues and the guys in attendance. As such I maybe resorted to a little bit of Dutch courage to calm me down (not advisable for every new job position).

Once we arrived I soon realised that my nerves had been for naught. The guys working at The Boots were super friendly and made me feel at ease. We all shared some drinks, chatted and watched from the bar as the kinky men poured in.

The guys attending the party were equally as approachable as the staff, and I talked with and got to know plenty of hot fetish men. This gave me a great sense of belonging and made it all the more exciting to go explore the vast play areas. And boy is there a lot to see. Spread over six floors, The Boots is full of nooks and crannies, equipment and play rooms. You get a little bit of sensory overload taking it all in. You're pretty much guaranteed to find your own favourite area, and there's no shortage of men to get up to no good with there.

Equipment wise, Geert the owner of the venue has constructed some incredible areas for you to play in. There's scores of bed and sling rooms that can be left open or made private. There's a floor that half consists of a maze dotted with glory holes and a huge piss area with tubs and urinals. On another floor there's BDSM equipment including stocks, St Andrew's cross, hooks and more. In the basement there's caverns, tunnels and cages as well as lots of little areas for debauchery. On top of all this, there's a large changing area, three bars and an indoor, ventilated smoking area – all of which have play going on in as well.

Unfortunately for me, the first time I went, I had a boyfriend and we only allowed kissing and fumbling in a 'don't ask don't tell' agreement. As such I couldn't get too stuck in. Subsequent parties there as a single lad, though have been a whole lot more fruitful.

Our Boots parties aren't the biggest events we put on, but in a funny way I think that's one reason why I like them so much. As much as the venue is like a huge, fetish rabbits' warren, it's still kind of intimate and allows for some amazing experiences. Basically, if you're looking for play with hot, geared up guys in a fetish venue that caters to almost all tastes in kink, you wouldn't go far wrong than a trip to Antwerp on Saturday 28 and experiencing Recon @ The Boots for yourself.

If you've had any experiences of The Boots you'd like to share, send them to: social@recon.com

*Picture from my first time at The Boots