World AIDS Day 2018: Stonewall Community Foundation

World AIDS Day 2018: Stonewall Community Foundation

from Recon News

27 November 2018

This World AIDS Day we're highlighting two great charities that do important work related to HIV and AIDS. Here's some information about Stonewall Community Foundation and the work they do.

Stonewall Community Foundation raises money and funds work that makes a difference in the lives of LGBTQ people, on issues ranging from education and violence, to civil right protections and health. Since 1990, the Foundation has awarded over $19 million to more than 600 charities.

Founded in New York City amid the growing tragedy of the AIDS epidemic, Stonewall Community Foundation's earliest charge was to mobilize the resources of gay men touched by and lost to the disease.

Over the years, the Foundation has raised millions to fund charities large and small that educate, advocate, challenge stigma, and connect people to treatment for HIV. Today, Stonewall's commitment to that legacy lives on formally in its Amida Care Fund, which impacts upwards of 13,000 people a year. A partnership with a non-profit health plan provider, the Fund exclusively supports programs on the cutting edge of HIV prevention and intervention, especially where there are incredible gaps or opportunities, like engaging the ballroom community, sex workers, incarcerated populations, and youth experiencing homelessness.

If you would like to donate to Stonewall Community Foundation, please select the link below. You can also add a red ribbon to your Recon profile for free using a link to our World AIDS Day page.