World AIDS Day: Why Your Donation Is Important to GMFA

World AIDS Day: Why Your Donation Is Important to GMFA

from Recon News

16 November 2018

Over the past year, GMFA – the gay men's health project, has launched some truly ground-breaking projects. Here's just a couple of examples of the work they do, and why your donation matters this World AIDS Day.

The Undetectables video and supporting fact sheets starred HIV-positive gay and bisexual men who address HIV-negative men directly to explain what HIV-undetectable means, in an effort to educate and combat stigma.

Me. Him. Us. was the UK's only HIV testing campaign created by black gay and bisexual men for black gay and bisexual men. It broke the mould in featuring loving gay black couples on posters in busy high streets across London. While the testing message isn't a new one, the fact black gay men were fully represented in a mainstream sexual health campaign was brand new.

We want the important work GMFA do to continue, and it can't without donations. Cuts to HIV prevention funding continue year on year, which means they rely on the generosity of people who want to see their work grow and reach more people. That's why they need support this World AIDS Day and beyond.