#WorldAIDSDay – About our chosen charity, GMFA

#WorldAIDSDay – About our chosen charity, GMFA

from Recon News

09 November 2015

Here at Recon we wanted this year's World AIDS Day campaign to support a charity that does work that's relevant to our members. We chose the GMFA as they're a charity operated by gay men who understand the vast spectrum of modern gay male sex. Here we provide further information on the charity and what they do.

GMFA was founded in 1992 by gay men who were outraged that HIV prevention campaigns were not addressing them directly. To combat the high rates of HIV that we see in our communities, GMFA understands that there is a need for HIV prevention work that is honest about the kind of sex gay men have, that challenges HIV-related stigma and that is not afraid to speak frankly.

GMFA is known for its honest, plain-talking and up-to-date information and campaigns on HIV and sexual health for gay men. GMFA's HIV services, such as the sexual health information website (www.gmfa.org.uk) receive no government funding, even though the combined cost of all GMFA's HIV prevention work is less than it costs to treat one person living with HIV. We believe that these resources are vital to inform and support gay men, not just in the UK but around the World.

GMFA's website receives well over 100,000 visits a month, from the UK, the US and elsewhere. That's over a million visits each year, proving that this information is still sorely needed. GMFA even receives large number of visits from countries where homosexuality is illegal, including Uganda, India and Pakistan, where there is an urgent need for sexual health information that is positive about gay sex.

No one else delivers HIV prevention in quite the same way as GMFA does. They are passionate about providing gay and bisexual men with accurate, accessible information that they can relate to because GMFA's work is designed, developed and delivered by gay and bisexual men.

To fund these resources GMFA relies heavily on the generosity of donors. Please support GMFA's vital HIV prevention work this World AIDS Day by making a donation through the Recon campaign. Donating couldn't be simpler, and you can do so by selecting our campaign link below.