Cuteplaytoy opens up more – part two of interview

Cuteplaytoy opens up more – part two of interview

from Recon News

17 August 2015

We continue our chat with Featured Member cuteplaytoy. In this second part he talks about kink in other cities and his love of bondage:

R: How long have you lived in London? Do you see it as home now?

CPT: I moved here last summer, as I said I lived in different places but coming here was a big step for me. I didn't even have a job but I wanted to give London a go. Now I'm so happy with the change. I think I have learned a lot and I keep on learning every day. In fetish terms, my life has improved a lot, I'm having amazing experiences here and I'm sure I will have some more in the future. For the moment I would say that London is my home.

R: Have you experienced fetish scenes in other countries? If so, where, and did you like those scenes?

CPT: Yes, I like to travel and if there is a fetish event or party I try to do it, when possible. I like to go to Berlin for Folsom Street Fair in September. This year I'm going and I'm looking forward to it. I quite like the ambience in the street where you can catch up with friends, talk with people, have a couple of drinks and show off in your favourite gear. Two years ago I got stuck in a leather straightjacket for the whole street fair, it was very exciting for me and for the master who was leading me. I had a great time. Recently I went to the Netherlands, the scene was smaller than in Germany but the guys were very kind. I just have to give a try to Antwerp now. Everybody says it is amazing but I've never been. And of course, I've been invited by a friend to go to San Francisco but first, I need to save for the ticket flight! (laughs).

R: Yeah, it's not cheap to get to San Francisco but it's well worth the trip!
From your profile it's clear you're a big fan of bondage; what is it about it that turns you on?

CPT: Actually I cannot explain why I feel turned on by bondage. There's no explanation. When I think about some kind of restriction, ropes, handcuffs or something like this I feel excited and I even get a hard on. More if I picture me in that situation. I think it has something to do with being under the control of somebody I really like. It's giving all to a person who you trust and, on the other hand, knowing that this person is going to take good care of you. It's a sense of belonging.

R: When did you get into bondage?

CPT: I would say that I got into bondage when I opened my recon profile, more or less 10 years ago. Before that I had some initial experiences but I cannot say that those were proper bondage.

R: Can you describe some of your first experiences?

CPT: My first experiences of proper bondage were with a guy who is now a very good friend of mine. He is very experienced and has a great playroom with lots of equipment. I can remember that one of the first times we met, he made me wear a football player uniform and he started tying me with ropes doing a beautiful and cosy work of knots. Some of the ropes were rubbing my crotch tightly so I got so excited and with a hard on. I was trying to aware him not to pull the ropes 'cause I was about to cum, but I was tape gagged. I ended up cumming before he finished the work. (laughs) As a punishment for that he left me tied up to bed while he was having a drink. (laughs)

R: (laughs) Wow! That sounds like a great first time. Especially as you made a lifelong friend from it.
So what fetish gear would you say you are into?

CPT: I don't have a specific fetish outfit that I like the most. I'm so kinky, I like all. (laughs). Actually, I've always thought I was more a leather guy but these days I'm being very attracted by rubber as well. I have a new tailor-made suit and I feel very excited when I wear it. I love it. Army and skinhead gear are in my top interests as well, but for the army stuff I see it more for playing than for showing off in a party or in a fetish event. Uniforms and worker gear are also welcome. And I have to add that I feel excited about suits and ties, and if they are part of a uniform, the hard on is for sure.

R: What gets you hardest?

CPT: This question is so simple. (laughs) everything related to bondage and restriction of movements gets me super excited and with a hard on. From chains, handcuffs and metal stuff to ropes or leather restraints, everything related to bondage gets me hard. I have already experimented some of them but I still have a lot to try, so if anybody wants to try a new piece of bondage on me, just drop me a line! (laughs).

R: I'm sure you'll get more than a few offers (laughs)