Cuteplaytoy opens up – part one of interview

Cuteplaytoy opens up – part one of interview

from Recon News

11 August 2015

We've got a live wire here! We interviewed August's Featured Member cuteplaytoy, and boy does he like to chat! Fortunately he's a great guy and a lot of fun. Here's the first part of our interview:

Recon: Hi cuteplaytoy. How are you doing?

Cuteplaytoy: Hi all! I'm doing fine, actually I can say that I am very excited to be the new featured member at Recon. I showed my interest some months ago and finally I get the chance to let people know more about me. I hope this is going to bring me some new good friends.

R: We saw you at lots of the parties at FWL2015. Have you recovered yet?

CPT: Well (laughs) I think I am still recovering from that crazy week. It was quite important for me 'cause it was my first London Fetish Week and the first event that I felt completely comfortable at. It's been really amazing.

R: Glad to hear it! So you had fun?

CPT: What a question! (laughs) Of course I had fun! I've been hearing lots of stories about London Fetish Week for a long time but I've never had the chance to come and see it through my own eyes. But this year I took my particular sort of revenge. (laughs). To be honest, I was looking forward to seeing what all this kink was about, so I tried to show up at every single party, have a drink, catch up with the people I know and get to know new guys too. Although I'm kind of a shy guy, my best weapon in this case is to smile and be very talkative. As I said, I love meeting new people, making new friends and sharing experiences.

R: What was a highlight for you?

CPT: I've got a lot of highlights during that week. I am a kinky man and I love fetish! (laughs) so in every party I attended I found something interesting. But if I have to choose one of the parties I think I will say that Sunday Rubber Party at Union club was one of the best. Seeing all those great guys wearing their best rubber outfits really blew my mind. I felt so excited being surrounded by them and so excited as well being part of it. I think that from now on I'm even more into rubber (laughs). Also, I would like to add that the Skinhead party at Eagle was excellent, the kind of brotherhood that was between the guys was incredible. My friend and photographer Chris Jepson took an astonishing picture of me in front of the Eagle building. I already saw that picture in a lot of kinky blogs. I feel really honoured.

R: Well, definitely sounds like you had a good time!
How long have you been a Recon member?

CPT: I think I can't tell with precision in which year I opened my profile but I'm sure that I did it in my university years. I guess I was trying to find people with the same likes when I discovered the site. At that time I had my ups and downs. The site opened up for me a world of new people who liked the same as I felt attraction for. Bondage, fetish gear, kinky stuff, leather, rubber were closer in some way and that was a big step ahead. But on the other hand, as the small town boy I am, I realised how far away the most interesting profiles were and I wondered if I could ever get the chance to meet some of those guys in person, have a nice bondage session or even attend a fetish party. I can honestly say that that made me feel a bit sad and frustrated. Luckily for me, life has change a lot since those days in a positive way. As I've been living in different cities and countries Recon has become a good way of making new kinky fellas and I can say that some of the hot guys I spotted years ago in my tiny little room are now some of my friends.

R: Have you had lots of filthy experiences?

CPT: That's a tricky question. (Laughs). That will depend in what you can call filthy! (Laughs). Oh hold on! That will depend as well in what you consider how much is 'lots'. (laughs). I'm joking, I started playing more than ten years ago so I can say that I had plenty experiences. Most of them are related to bondage as a sub, which is my main fetish interest, but I still have a lot of bondage scenes and situations that I want to try. Someone in the room is interested in giving me the chance? (laughs) Maybe I should start doing a wish list. (laughs).

R: Any you'd like to share?

CPT: I have quite a few! Every one involving a straightjacket at least. Some months ago I had the chance to visit a couple of guys who I've been talking in recon for such a long time to. We met before for drinks but we couldn't play a lot so this second time was meant to be amazing, and it really was. They had such an astonishing and very well equipped dungeon and they tried on me a lot of the gear. I was particularly excited about the posey straightjacket and they just left me some time strapped in. It felt fantastic.

R: Where are you from originally?

CPT: Although I have kind of a mixture in my blood, my nationality is Spanish. I know I don't look Spanish but that's the thing (laughs). I grew up there and my closest family lives still there. I was raised in a small village by the Mediterranean sea. It is difficult to find something kinky/fetish there. (Laughs). But it looks like things are changing in recent years.

R: Oh really? What's the fetish scene like there?

CPT: Generally the fetish scene in Spain is quite small. I was always moaning about the little interest that young fetish guys put in their outfits when they go to a party. They like sporty clothes and that's what they wear because it is the easiest thing. I think it is a question of mentality and as well, a question of money. I'm not gonna talk about the economic situation of Spain but I can say that a lot of people who are interested in fetish they can't really afford buying stuff. On the other hand, as far as I know, there are a few fetish parties that are working very well, we had one of them here for Fetish Week and it was quite successful. I hope that for the next years the scene finally explodes and becomes bigger!

R: How does it compare to the London scene?

CPT: I think it is not comparable. London is a big market, the whole United Kingdom is a big market for this fetish scene. Spain is still young in that, it is like the little brother who starts giving the first steps emulating the oldest one. It doesn't have the tradition that the UK or Germany have, but there are some interesting initiatives going on, so let's wait and see what's going to happen in the next few years.