Darkangel1987's testimony on his fetish experiences - Recon

Darkangel1987's testimony on his fetish experiences - Recon

from Recon News

15 February 2017

By Recon Member Darkangel1987

I'm nearly 30 and I'm of Congolese origin. As homosexuality is a great taboo in my culture and in my family, I have shaped my identity here in Belgium, far away from my native country, and it is here that I have progressively discovered my sexuality. Since I was little, I have always been attracted to shiny leather clothes, to rubber, plastic and other gleaming materials.

I very much like men in uniforms as I think that they show masculinity (such as outfits of policemen, soldiers, bikers, firemen, doctors, superheroes etc…). Being bisexual, I like when a girl dresses like Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer style), all in latex from head to toe; I like a man dressed as Batman - with his mysterious and sexy mask; or as Daredevil in the Ben Affleck movie (in red leather); as Black Panther from The Avengers; as a full leathered Longshot in the 1980's X-Men; as the X-Men from the 2000's trilogy; as the cop dressed in leather from the blaxploitation movie Shaft; as a full leathered Mel Gibson in the very first Mad Max flick; as a black leathered Arnold Schwarzeneger in Terminator.

At the age of 18, I was very fortunate to have my first sexual experience with a fetish man who was 21 years older than me and who owned a big collection of leathers. He was very kind and respectful, and he made me feel comfortable in my own skin. Our kinky sessions and his influence really helped me to accept and embrace my sexuality.

Some time later, when I was sexually involved with other men, I had great kinky experiences that involved leather and latex. Even though I can enjoy ordinary sex, I find that fetish is the dimension of sexuality that turns me on the most. Also, I find that fetish men tend to have a psychological approach to sexuality, which very much suits my personality. I have always hated quick hook-ups based on performance. The reason why I find fetish and kink satisfying is because people take it slow. All the different taboos and frustrations of our society, of our education system and so on cease to exist during those moments - we no longer feel ashamed of our sexual fantasies and we can just let ourselves go.

Even in the gay world, there's some prejudice against kink and fetishism. Admitting that you have a fetish can feel like "coming out" a second time, especially if you're in a serious relationship - one does not necessarily share or understand the taste of the other. In the LGBT community, opinions about fetishism can be negative. Fetishists are sometimes seen as perverted or "trashy". I personally think that even though guys dressed in leather or rubber can be a bit intimidating or slightly scary looking, they are very kind when we dare to go and talk to them. They're also rather cuddly and affectionate.

I'm touch-sensitive and I like being pampered, caressed, tasted and sucked more than being penetrated - I pretty much always find this sort of attention with the fetish guys.

There's mutual respect in our community. We don't use other guys as sexual objects; we care about giving pleasure to one another. Every single moment is important. Our five senses get stimulated: the sound, the sight, the smell, the feel and the taste of leather and rubber bring a tremendous pleasure that I find hard to describe. One needs to experience it to fully understand it. For me, the feeling of pleasure when touching leather and rubber on a man's skin is sensual and sexual satisfaction at its peak.

I'm rather discreet and still not confident enough to step outside in public wearing a leather outfit, but thankfully, the contacts that I make with fetish guys through Recon – as well as going to clubs - help me to be more open with this singular particularity of mine.

I hope that my testimony will inspire some of the guys out there.

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