DJ Rafa Nunes headlines Full Fetish, the main event of #FWL2015

DJ Rafa Nunes headlines Full Fetish, the main event of #FWL2015

from Recon News

11 June 2015

Rafa Nunes, who recently won Best DJ at the X-Awards, is headlining the Full Fetish party of #FWL2015 on Saturday 18 July. This Paris based Brazilian loves to get the action going at fetish parties…as well as join the play once his time on the decks is done!

"I think of the most important thing when DJing, is knowing the atmosphere of each event.
Sometimes it can be sleazy, sometimes sexy or whatever, and the rhythm should speed up or slow down depending on the action!" So says the Full Fetish headliner.

Rafa, a Brazilian who's lived and worked in Paris for over 10 years, makes his Fetish Week London DJ debut this year. He's honed his skills at fetish events across Europe, and has an array of tricks to get you going.

I asked him how DJing the London fetish scene compared to scenes in other countries where he'd DJed, he said: "London is underground, Berlin is kink, Amsterdam is freedom, Paris is fashion, Brussels is fun… I think London is a great place to sex and dance at one in the same place."

His fetish tastes are varied – he likes all kinds of action from soft to hard. He can be tender or rough, and likes a lot of gear, toys and BDSM. He likes the leather look – it turns him on the most – though he thinks rubber can be more practical and pliable for sex.

Though this is his first time DJing Fetish Week London, it is not his first time attending. "Last year I came to Fetish Week and was having fun every night! It was really hot, with a lot of sexy guys from all parts of world in full gear!" he laughs.

This year he'll be partying as well as playing. "I arrive in London Wednesday 15 July and I will stay until Monday 20 July. I will have a lot of time to play with sexy guys. I will be at the rubber party, the skin party and of course Full Fetish, as well as others"

Asked if he likes to play with guys at the events he's DJing, as well as play music he said: "For sure, I love to have fun with guys, but not before my work as I am always stressed and thinking about my music. But after DJing I will be available to the guys. You can come to say hi and wait till I finish my work to have some fun…"

We have a feeling there'll be plenty of guys ready to take him up on that offer!