EXPERIENCE: Discovering Fetish at Sydney Mardi Gras

EXPERIENCE: Discovering Fetish at Sydney Mardi Gras

from Recon News

24 April 2016

By iamsand

I'm lucky enough that my job enables me to experience fetish all over the world. I get to see the subtle differences in the approach to gear and kink depending on where I am. One thing that always sticks out for me is the variation in sexual attitude guys have towards fetish. The Spanish have a certain fetish flair. Germans are steadfast in pushing their limits. Americans have fun and embrace brotherhood. The UK is a melting pot of hedonism. This is by no means a hard and fast rule, but it's just some of the things that stand out to me. So when we decided that the next fetish destination was Sydney I was intrigued to see what we would find.

Playing 'Who would you do?' is extremely easy to play in Sydney. The answer to this question is 'Everyone.' The men are beautiful and super friendly. Meeting members at Fair Day was an awesome and overwhelming experience as I tried to straddle being professional and wanting to lick the men that came over to get a Recon singlet. It was clear to me that having an Australian Recon presence was long overdue as we were welcomed with open arms.

For me, Sydney's approach to fetish was a culmination of everything that I've experienced and love about the scene. Sydney Mardi Gras showed me the city's celebratory exhibitionist side. The pup groups that we met demonstrated the city's approach to community. Going to Extra Dirty was full to the brim of pleasure seeking burly men in harnesses, jocks, aprons, rubber and boots. The lock out laws may well be hampering the gay scene in Sydney, but it was clear that they were up for the fight to overturn it, and find new ways to connect with each other.

I asked a lot of people out there what they thought of the fetish scene in Sydney and in all honesty opinions varied. I think that there is a vibrant and blossoming group of guys there flying the fetish flag, just gagging for fresh meat to rock up on their fair shores. Australians are up for a good time and once I got over my jetlag, my god they showed me a good time! Meeting members that support what we do at Recon was really rewarding and hopefully inspired some to the next phase of their fetish evolution.

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