Farewell to our boy by the Bay, Featured Member Djskype

Farewell to our boy by the Bay, Featured Member Djskype

from Recon News

30 September 2015

Well, it's time to say goodbye to Djskype as Featured Member. Having met him over the Folsom weekend Team Recon can confirm that he's a great guy and a filthy little fucker. As is customary, we checked with him to see if he had any final words. Here's what he had to say:

'My time as a Featured Member has been great. I've actually reconnected with friends who I have lost contact with. One on particular a hot Australian guy I met about 5 years ago at a bar here in San Francisco for Folsom, and we had an amazing weekend together. We hit it off and were planning on me visiting him in Australia later that year. Of course we exchanged numbers before he left and shortly after i broke my phone and lost his number. Come to find out, the exact same thing happened to him and he lost mine. He has not been to SF since and had no other way to find and contact me. Then recently he decided to make a Recon account and he saw me on the front page and messaged me. We are planning on a trip for him to come here next few months :-)'

Well there you have it! Recon's Featured Members bringing people together and reuniting lost play mates!

Thanks Djskype, you've been a great Featured Member, and we look forward to catching up with you next time you're in Europe.

If you'd like to be Featured Member send your Recon username to: social@recon.com